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12 Key Steps For A Successful Cloud Migration
SearchCloudComputing, November 18th, 2021
Ready to move your on-premises apps to the cloud? From rehosting vs. redesigning to testing and monitoring, follow these key steps for a successful cloud migration

"Businesses migrate workloads to the cloud for a variety of reasons. The public cloud is far more scalable than most on-premises data centers -- its extensive array of resources, services and automation support large, complex and highly available workloads that flexibly respond to user demand. Those vast services enable businesses to build workloads and access data in new and creative ways. Companies also can transition from capital-intensive hardware and software investments to recurring operational expenses..."

Useful Tips For Choosing A Cloud Security Vendor
Security Boulevard, November 18th, 2021
In the last few years, the role of CISO has evolved into that of a strategic stakeholder

"Today, CISOs are considered important business enablers and often have a seat at the leadership table. This ascent is widely due to the radical change in the way of working due to COVID-19, which required CISOs to find an immediate solution for secure remote work. At the same time, a growing number of more dangerous cyber attacks like the Colonial Pipeline or Solar Winds have made leadership sit up and listen to the warnings CISOs have been giving for years..."

Mixing cloud security and maintenance practices with legacy enterprise approaches usually ends up shortchanging cloud hygiene. Here are some ways to remedy that.

"We think we understand what hygiene is, but what about cloud security hygiene? It's not like our computers have teeth to brush, but that model is an entry point to a different understanding of security hygiene. If there's some task you need to do regularly, you need to do it everywhere. It's not okay to just brush your teeth once a year, or only to brush the front teeth; you also can't just patch software or check your security configurations once a year, or only for your most visible systems..."

Top Cloud Migration And Adoption Trends For 2022 And Beyond
SearchCloudComputing, November 18th, 2021
Cloud migrations are inevitable for some enterprises as they navigate a move off premises or between clouds. Evaluate some of the latest migration trends and the pros and cons that come with each

"The last couple of years have brought a significant shift in how enterprises think and use the cloud -- and the pandemic only hastened these cloud migration initiatives.

Companies that only explored how to migrate apps and workloads to the cloud have dramatically accelerated those plans to stay relevant and survive in an era of upheaval to the economic environment, supply chains and new business models.

As organizations continue to shift gears to match strategic plans and respond to macroeconomic factors, expect these nine key trends to drive cloud migration in 2022 and beyond..."

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