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Artificial Intelligence: Everyone Wants IT, But Not Everyone Is Ready
ZDNet, November 16th, 2021
November 15, 2021,
Volume 284, Issue 3

Business is bullish on AI, but it takes a well-developed understanding to deliver visible business benefits

Artificial intelligence technologies have reached impressive levels of adoption, and are seen as a competitive differentiator. But there comes a point when technology becomes so ubiquitous that it is no longer a competitive differentiator -- think of the cloud. Going forward, those organizations succeeding with AI, then, will be those that apply human innovation and business sense to their AI foundations.

Such is the challenge identified in a study released by RELX, which finds the use of AI technologies, at least in the United States, has reached 81% of enterprises, up 33 percentage points from 48% since a previous RELX survey in 2018.

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