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Cybersecurity 2022: Disrupt And Conquer
Citrix News, November 18th, 2021
As the journey towards digital transformation continues, IT will leverage innovative technologies to transform the user experience and fuel competitive advantage

Cybersecurity has taken center stage. In the wake of attacks that have crippled business and threatened our daily lives, calls are growing louder for IT to shore up defenses. The last year introduced a new set of really tough problems, as the pandemic forced companies to embrace remote and hybrid work and expand the use of cloud-based solutions to support it with unprecedented speed and scale. And many challenges remain. But they can be overcome.

Whether handling customer queries or just providing an ear to listen, call center agents often go the extra mile to ensure that the client/customer is satisfied.

That can be a challenge when the technology isn't up to the task - 88 percent of service teams reported that the pandemic exposed technology gaps, even with the many tools that go into making sure every call is a productive one.

CallHippo, a leading global virtual call center service provider, is partnering with Citrix Podio, a low-code work management platform. CallHippo customers wanted an integrated platform, so the Podio and CallHippo teams created a seamless union of business phone systems and CRM software.

Every race weekend, Red Bull Racing Honda strives to be the best team on the track

"The team's drivers, Max Verstappen and Checo Perez, give it their all, with a focus on raising the Constructors' and Drivers' Championship trophies at the end of the F1 season.

To the average F1 fan, it might seem like the drivers are racing alone in their cars, but that's far from the truth. In these technologically advanced times, communication between the drivers and their team is key, and data plays a vital role in a sport that is more popular than ever..."

Citrix customers traditionally had to publish a virtual browser on Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops or rely on a local browser with minimal authentication security to enable secure access to internal web and SaaS apps

"While secure, the problem is that publishing a browser with Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for all web and SaaS apps can be expensive, considering servers, infrastructure, and licenses.

For many apps, this is worth the cost due to security requirements. However, we see many organizations that don't want this added overhead and frequently use a standard browser for SaaS and a VPN for internal access. This scenario works but also brings security vulnerabilities, including data leakage, malware, ransomware, and unmanaged network access..."

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