ITProToday: How To Build A Crisis-Resilient Multi-Cloud Deployment (Nov. 9th)

Many large enterprise companies are rife with departments that depend on customized ERP software applications

"These systems accommodate vital business tasks ranging from inventory management to ordering capabilities to accounting programs to CRM platforms-all of which were custom-built to fit the enterprise's specific needs and meet the KPIs of each unique organization. These applications tend to sustain grades, patches and reworks, sometimes resulting in multiple redesigns over the course of decades, and these often are not properly documented. To make matters worse, these ERP software systems also tend to be written in outdated programming languages such as ABAP for SAP and PL/SQL for Oracle, making them a challenge to update..."

Taronga Zoo upgraded its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to SAP S/4HANA Cloud as part of a digital-first approach for its business operations. By deploying SAP ERP on cloud, the organisation has successfully streamlined and automated its underlying management processes.

"Taronga Conservation Society Australia, which operates Taronga Zoo in Sydney along with Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, is an established not-for-profit institution conducting research and conservation work through education. Aside from striving to deliver transformational experiences to guests, Taronga's strategy is also geared towards modernisation and innovation of processes for its staff. Relying on technology to stay focused on business objectives, the organisation utilised SAP products and services to digitise its operations.

In 2019, Taronga launched a staff experience application called StaX. Built on SAP Cloud Platform, it intends to deliver efficiencies in aspects of finance, human resources, payroll, and procurement. Additionally, the solution aims to simplify the experience of mobile zookeepers and office employees' labour-intensive and crucial transactions into a simple yet intuitive platform..."

Panorama Consulting Group's '2022 Top 10 ERP Systems' report focuses on function set, technology, usability and ability to deliver on implementation, support and services

"The top ERP systems are characterized by usability and functional reach, according to the "2022 Top 10 ERP Systems" report from Panorama Consulting Group.

The Denver-based firm, which provides ERP selection services, compiles a list of the top 10 ERP systems annually. Compared to previous years, Panorama's list of the best-rated vendors has seen little change, although Epicor, a vendor customarily present on the list, did not make the cut for 2022..."

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