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Magnetic tape is increasingly recognized as an ideal storage media for long-term archival of high-volume data, safely at low cost

FUJIFILM Recording Media U.S.A., Inc. is pleased to announce the launch and availability of its FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium 9 Data Cartridge (LTO-9). Fujifilm's LTO-9 complies with the ninth generation LTO Ultrium standards for magnetic tape storage media, marking a new standard of performance for backing up and archiving large volumes of data. Fujifilm's LTO-9 uses proprietary technology to offer up to 45TB of storage capacity (18TB for non-compressed data), a 50% increase from the previous generation of LTO tape.

Fujifilm and HPE selling cartridges, Quantum selling drives, IBM tape libraries add support

"The Linear Tape-Open (LTO) organisation has signed off on efforts by Fujifilm and Sony to create tapes that conform with the LTO-9 standard - meaning that new-generation tapes with 45 terabytes of capacity are now on sale.

Fujifilm bolted out of the gates with an announcement to the effect that it sells media that support LTO-9's spec of 18TB native capacity, or 45TB after data is compressed..."

Watch Out HDDs, The Next Generation Of Tape Is Here, September 8th, 2021
LTO-9 tapes hit the shelves with a supposed 45TB compressed capacity

"After significant delays, the next generation of Linear Tape Open (LTO) magnetic tape landed on Wednesday, with marked improvements across both capacity and performance.

The LTO Program, which oversees the technology, has announced that both Fujifilm and Sony have successfully manufactured tape that complies with the LTO Ultrium 9 format. This means LTO-9 products from these firms - as well as official LTO providers HPE, IBM and Quantum - can now be taken to market..."

IBM Leads Parade Of Vendors Delivering LTO-9 Tape Drives
SearchDataBackup, September 10th, 2021
While sales of tape drives faltered in 2020, IBM and a handful of storage vendors hope to fuel a comeback with delivery of new offerings that ascribe to the LTO-9 specifications

"A number of top- tier vendors delivered new version of tape drives that meet the Ultrium LTO-9 specification, allowing users to pack up to 45 terabytes of compressed data on a single cartridge.

The new IBM LTO-9 Tape Drive features the company's Open Recommended Access Order (oRAO), an accelerator that allows applications to retrieve data from tapes faster thanks to dramatically reduced seek times among files. The accelerator can be used with compressed or uncompressed data, reducing access times by up to 73%, according to IBM..."

The new ninth generation of LTO (Linear Tape-Open) tape technology is designed for even greater data storage density and speed, providing up to 18TB of native capacity per cartridge (up to 45TB with compression)

pectra Logic, a leader in data management and data storage solutions, announced the availability of the ninth generation of LTO technology for its family of tape library solutions, including the Spectra TFinity ExaScale, T950, T950v, T680, T380 T200, T120, T50e and Spectra Stack. These tape libraries support LTFS, WORM, hardware encryption, and Spectra's exclusive Media Lifecycle Management. Certified with all major ISV packages, Spectra's tape libraries seamlessly integrate with Spectra's BlackPearl Object Storage Platform, enabling users to create a multi-storage ecosystem for maximum storage, access and preservation of data to disk, tape and cloud.

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