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Network and device security and data integration make protecting IoT deployments difficult. Organizations can achieve better security with random neural networks and blockchain

"Large-scale IoT deployments are currently within our grasp technologically in the form of smart cities.

Smart cities have promised to make our lives more efficient. With connected devices and information controlled by an intelligent system, cities will never have traffic jams again. Connected technology can also make cities energy efficient with different sensors identifying waste. Despite the tech industry talking about it for a decade and a half, it has not come to fruition..."

IoT Devices Built To Meet Cybersecurity Needs
Tripwire, September 7th, 2021
The Internet of Things (IoT) includes items such as smart appliances, smartwatches, and medical sensors.

"For organizations to enjoy all of the benefits and convenience of IoT devices, enterprise customers must fully understand the potential risks and threats to their systems and the underlying data. IoT devices often lack built-in security controls, a situation which creates risks and threats for federal agencies and consumers.

As IoT devices proliferate, it is important for manufacturers to provide secure and safe devices. According to NIST, built-in security controls include device cybersecurity capabilities as well as non-technical support..."

Get Started Programming The Internet Of Things
IoT Agenda, September 10th, 2021
To build IoT systems, IT pros must understand the complexities of programming IoT, including integration. In this excerpt, discover the first step to design full-stack IoT

"Even if IT professionals know the essential components of IoT and how they want to use it, many must still contend with developing skills in a new focus area, which can be highly nuanced.

Programming a full-stack IoT deployment requires at least a basic understanding of software engineering, but the main challenge comes from integrating IoT devices with the rest of the organization's platforms and services..."

IoT Interest Is Growing, But So Are Cybersecurity Concerns
HelpNet Security, September 10th, 2021
Enterprises across the globe are showing renewed interest in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and they are looking to service providers to help manage and secure their installations, according to a report published by Information Services Group (ISG).

"The report finds a growing interest in using the IoT in several ways, such as improving the efficiency of the supply chain, running shop floor equipment, and powering autonomous vehicles.

'There is a clear resurgence of interest from enterprises around the world in the IoT,' said Gaurav Gupta, partner and global leader, ISG Digital Engineering. 'Most large enterprises, having chosen their IoT platforms by now, are interested in scaling their IoT initiatives globally'..."

Mobile Iot Security Market To Be Worth $8Bn By 2026, September 10th, 2021
4G and 5G IoT deployments drive market

"The advent of Internet of Things (IoT) applications on 4G and 5G networks will drive the development of an $8 billion market for security services.

Cellular is one of several technologies competing to connect the IoT. LPWAN technology is ideal for mass IoT projects spread across a wide geographic area, often in hard-to-reach places, and designed to be untouched for several years.

Any change to that plan, such as a battery replacement, is either logistically challenging or upsets the economics of the entire project..."

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