Additional details came to light on Argonne National Laboratory's preparation for the 2022 Aurora exascale-class supercomputer, during the HPC User Forum, held virtually this week on account of the pandemic

"Exascale Computing Project Director Doug Kothe reviewed some of the 'early exascale hardware' at Argonne, Oak Ridge and NERSC (Perlmutter), while Ti Leggett, deputy project director & deputy director of operations at Argonne National Laboratory, gave an account of the Polaris system that was announced last month and is currently being installed at the lab.

Arcticus is the name of the early access machine at the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) with the Intel Xe-HP GPU nodes that was delivered to the lab last fall. The 17-node system is serving as a transitional development vehicle for the future (2022) Aurora supercomputer, subbing in for the forthcoming Intel  Xe-HPC ('Ponte Vecchio') GPUs that are the computational backbone of the system. Other early hardware at ALFC includes systems Iris and Yarrow, as well as a single rack Cray EX testbed, called Crux..."

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