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3 Pillars Of Autonomous IT Ops, September 10th, 2021
Imagine a future where human IT operators and intelligent systems work together in a virtual operations room; the systems do the heavy lifting while the humans supervise.

"This may seem like science fiction, but the truth is we are already on the way to that future with AIOps. While actual AI-augmented teams are still quite a way off, AI/ML tools are slowly but surely becoming more ubiquitous within IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams and leading us into this not-too-distant future.

In the last five years, the number of internet users grew by 50%. In the last two years alone, more data was generated than in the entirety of human history up to that point. Today, 5 quintillion (that's 18 zeros) bytes of data are produced by smart devices daily. These massive volumes of data are having a huge impact on digital operations..."

Using metrics is essential to keep any new project on the path, even when that path may meander more than previously

"Companies are using more cloud services, and they are adopting more agile development practices as they do. According to Gartner, public cloud spending went up by more than 40 percent in 2020 to $64.3 billion worldwide. Meanwhile, the State of Agile report by estimated that agile adoption increased from 37 percent in 2020 to 86 percent in 2021, while 75 percent of teams said DevOps was essential to how they worked. Both cloud and agile adoption went up massively over the previous year, and the pandemic was probably a big factor in those choices..."

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