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Data purging rules have long been set in stone for databases and structured data. Can we do the same for big data?

"Data purging is an operation that is periodically performed to ensure that inaccurate, obsolete or duplicate records are removed from a database. Data purging is critical to maintaining the good health of data, but it must also conform to the business rules that IT and business users mutually agree on (e.g. by what date should each type of data record be considered to be obsolete and expendable?)..."

Big Data: The Technology Behind Retailers Success
SmartDataCollective, September 7th, 2021
During the beginning of the pandemic, many businesses went digital, and the retail industry is no exception. Technologies became a crucial part of achieving success in the increasingly competitive market, including big data and analytics.

"Big data in retail help companies understand their customers better and provide them with more personalized offers. Data-based insights can help make the right decisions, keep up with market trends and navigate the uncertainty.

Big data is a not new concept, and it has been around for a while. However, it doesn't become less relevant, and on the contrary, it is only growing in popularity during unprecedented times like this. 33% respondents of Statista's survey indicated that big data is essential to their business success..."

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