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The life of a storage administrator isn't easy. With many fires to put out and angry beasts to tame, there is a lot going on every day: assigning storage capacity to users and applications, addressing performance slowdowns that affect the user experience, handling various tools for identical tasks, not to mention managing hardware failures, outages, capacity running out on storage devices, and replication and backup job failures to name a few.

"Typically, manual storage management efforts eat up the bulk of an administrator's productive schedule rather than allowing them to focus on solutions that add value to the core business. Saddled with repetitive and manual tasks, storage administration teams need to factor automation into their storage management strategy.

'In an Uptime Institute survey from 2020, 90% of data center operators said they would increase their use of remote monitoring as a result of the pandemic, and 73% said they would increase their use of automation.'..."

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