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First, let me introduce myself. I joined Citrix three months ago as Director of Product Management for Citrix Workspace app (mobile and client-side cloud services)

"Our goal within my product management team is to optimize the digital workspace user experience on mobile devices to deliver secure mobility that accelerates productivity for employees, regardless of where they're working.

One of the best parts of my role is all the customer conversations. It has been insightful learning how organizations of all sizes are focused on accelerating their workforce mobility plans to help employees work securely from anywhere. And it's a privilege to share with these same customers how Citrix is focused on enhancing and expanding our mobility-related experience in conjunction with our digital workspace strategy. That's why I'm in this role..."

Although remote and hybrid work are now the norm, they can create gaps in your data security if you aren't careful

"Studies have shown a massive spike in the number of malware attacks since the start of pandemic. In fact, researchers measured 648 new malware threats every minute during Q4 2020, according to a report from McAfee.

Employees are accessing, sharing, and collaborating on content from their home network using their personal and mobile devices, but there's a big security difference between using your phone for work at home versus a shared public space. In 2021, the cyber community saw a 667 percent surge in phishing emails related to COVID-19. Malware attacks are the most common undetected threat and can quickly spread across an organization, resulting in security and compliance issues..."

Welcome to the seventh and final installment of our Seven Ways to Simplify Your Digital Workspace Deployment in 2021 blog series. In this blog post, we are going to look at how to simplify business continuity and hybrid cloud.

"The challenges of maintaining a modern workforce are various and can be daunting. Desktops and user data must be available across multiple geographies to enable your business to continue if and when disaster strikes. A subset of end-users accesses their desktops and specialized apps infrequently. Hosting these solutions in a traditional on-prem datacenter isn't economically feasible. As we have seen in recent months, end-users may be required to work from home or a remote location. Traditional on-prem solutions cannot scale within hours for rapid changes in workforce mobility and increase the demand for access. Many companies have come to realize the value of leveraging cloud providers to augment their on-prem environment. However, maintaining separate infrastructures is more complex and requires specialized replication..."

We get it. You've been heads-down, holding down the IT fort over this past year making sure all the newly remote workers can access their apps and desktops.

"Maybe you've been managing Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops for years (in fact, you might know it by its old name 'XenApp'). And then somebody up the chain upgrades your subscription to Citrix Workspace Premium Plus.

So, now you're probably left wondering just what is that, and, more importantly, what do you do with it?..."

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