IT - Humor

Our hero, Regomised as "Sean", had taken his first steps into the glorious world of IT as a trainee support technician for a housing association at the impossibly young age of 18.

'"One afternoon," he told us, "I got a call from an agitated lady in the same building complaining her monitor screen was all bendy."

Keen to impress his new employers with his diligence, he took himself downstairs to investigate.

"Sure enough, the CRT screen was displaying the desktop, but was bowed in from the sides."

There are some who never experienced the delight of cathode ray tubes, nor the pleasure of fiddling with picture focus or adjustment or even the simple joy of hitting the degauss button. Sean's entry into IT came as CRT monitors were breathing their last (he told us that the hefty devices of this story were replaced by Compaq-branded TFTs shortly after)...'

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