How Well Do You Manage Conflict?
Business 2 Community, July 14th, 2021
If you work in a highly creative environment like an advertising agency, a consulting firm or a corporate marketing department, you've probably experienced your fair share of workplace arguments and confrontations

"When creative tension runs high in a business, it can often lead to amazing breakthroughs. but also boisterous breakdowns! Simple disagreements on creative direction can rapidly take a nose dive into personal squabbles, destructive criticism and the potential for bruised egos and hurt feelings.

Learning to manage and resolve conflict as a marketing leader is an essential skill. You need to understand that conflict is inevitable because your people have different backgrounds, viewpoints and competencies. Thus, preventing or avoiding conflict in the workplace is just not realistic - it's going to happen and you need to be prepared. However, it is possible to learn how to react to a conflict effectively and productively to avoid escalation and unintended negative outcomes. It turns out that effective conflict management can reduce the degree of frustration, discomfort, anger, and stress that employees experience in the workplace. With that as a backdrop, here are a few key lessons on how to identity, manage and resolve workplace conflicts:..."

Long-term hybrid work puts pressure on enterprise technology tools. Executives shared their strategies for enabling work no matter the medium

"As soon as businesses fell into the remote work routine, another challenge arose: CIOs and IT departments must prepare their organizations to manage a hybrid work configuration. A flexible future calls on in-office and remote workers to collaborate seamlessly, requiring infrastructure and management to support both.

Salesforce decided on a hybrid model after the technology held up in the wake of large-scale remote work..."

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