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The mobile app market is booming, but to achieve success, organisations must develop mobile apps securely and rapidly

"Mobile apps offer big opportunities for businesses in the digital age. According to research from Statista, international revenues from mobile apps will reach a staggering $935bn by 2023, up from $365bn in 2018.

However, the process of creating mobile apps is considerably different from the process of enterprise software development. For starters, mobile apps are usually cloud-native, designed for a range of different operating systems and devices, and dependent on Android and iOS back-end microservices..."

Devs across the world reveal their tools, language choices, and more

"A survey of nearly 32,000 developers has confirmed the dominance of JavaScript, showing a remarkable 91 per cent using GitHub, and growth in use of AWS despite the efforts of Microsoft and Google.

The survey was huge, with sections on 13 different programming languages, big data, databases, DevOps, developer demographics, microservices, collaborating tools, testing, and more.

JavaScript topped the language popularity charts, with 69 per cent usage, or 39 per cent when developers were asked to specify their 'primary programming language'..."

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