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The database does not have to be a security and privacy liability. These technologies can reduce risk and help ensure regulatory compliance

"Databases hold vast amounts of personal information including some very sensitive tidbits, creating headaches for the companies that must curate them. Now, sophisticated tools and technologies are making it possible for database developers to have their cake and, to stay in metaphor, not count the calories by keeping the information private.

The solutions depend upon a clever application of math. Some of the simplest mechanisms are just modern versions of secret codes, essentially digital versions of the classic decoder wheel. Others are more complex extensions that push the math to deliver more flexibility and accountability. Many are practical versions of ideas that have been circulating in labs for decades but are finally stable enough to be trusted..."

Here's the deep dive on MongoDB 5.0. The highlight is developer productivity features, such as Versioned APIs and support for additional language and frameworks. But looking ahead, we expect MongoDB to raise the love with DBAs and other constituencies.

"At its annual MongoDB.Live event this week, MongoDB is unveiling the next major release - version 5.0 - of its eponymous database. To some extent, the highlights for MongoDB 5.0 are not surprising, as there's a greater focus on productivity for its core constituency of developers. But the new release also expands the umbrella of data types with new time series support, followed by features that would be considered enterprise-friendly.

Underscoring this is that MongoDB, and a rapidly growing cross section of its customer base, are going cloud-first. As of the latest quarter, Q1 FY 2022 which was reported back in June, the Atlas managed cloud database-as-a-service (DBaaS) now accounts for 51% of overall revenues..."

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