IT disaster recovery strategies that were previously seen as good practice are not keeping up with the rapid development of ransomware threats. Richard Massey explains why and describes additional steps that organizations should be taking

"We are constantly reminded of the rising threat posed by cybercrime to our livelihoods, our businesses, and our way of living. Businesses around the world are under constant bombardment from threat actors whose sole purpose and objective is to penetrate defence / defense systems, cripple them and access critical data for ransom. And there's no sign of these incidents diminishing any time soon.

Now, the vast majority of European law enforcement officials continue to view ransomware as the greatest criminal threat to European public and private organisations. According to a Europol report, these incidents have been widely under reported. Despite warnings from many public and private sector experts, why have so many companies failed to implement well-built and reliable solutions to mitigate the damaging impact that ransomware can cause to their business?..."

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