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2 Weeks Vacation Time? Are You Kidding?
Ask The Headhunter, July 12th, 2021
Many companies want a new hire to start earning vacation time all over again - but that doesn't make it a done deal

Question: "Your advice about negotiating salary (explain your value) worked great! But a careful reading of the offer and benefits (thanks again) revealed I'd get only two weeks' vacation time! I'd be walking away from five weeks at my old job. Do I really have to give up my hard-earned vacation?"

Nick's Reply

"This is the perfect time to negotiate assertively for what you want because employers are dying for good talent. If you're really good at your work, you have excellent negotiating leverage in the current economy and labor market. I'm glad to hear you got a good salary offer. Now let's work on that vacation time!

Many companies want a new hire to start earning vacation time all over again - but that doesn't make it a done deal. If you want the vacation time you deserve, you must negotiate to get it..."

6 Resume Mistakes CISOs Still Make
CSO Online, July 15th, 2021
The top security job has evolved from a technology-focused role into an executive position. Does your resume reflect that shift?

"Dan Bowden had the right mix of experience and credentials to land his next CISO post, but he wanted to make sure his resume reflected that fact.

So Bowden hired a professional resume advisor at the start of his search. ('It was well worth it,' he says.)

The advisor had him consider what his existing executive colleagues would say about his contributions to their organization-'the events, the activities, the accomplishments'-and then lead with those ideas rather than the technical skills and detailed security work that often dominate a CISO's resume..."

Coaching can yield far-reaching benefits for your IT leadership career. IT execs share tips on how to make the most of an experience that will reshape how you work and lead

"Seeking out executive coaching can be a great move for ensuring your success as an IT leader. But you need to be prepared to do some difficult work, which can include dealing with negative feedback, engaging in serious introspection, and making changes to how you work and lead. And you need to approach the process with the correct mindset.

'As my coach says, nobody's perfect and we are all works in progress,' says Keyur Ajmera, vice president of corporate technology and security at a software provider in the northeast he declined to name. 'The industry keeps changing, and learning should never stop. That's why you need humility and self-awareness' throughout the coaching experience, he adds..."

You Have A Remote Workforce - What Now?
Information Age, July 16th, 2021
Jay Turner, vice-president, development and operations at Console Connect by PCCW Global, discusses how businesses can effectively managed a remote workforce

"The pandemic caused an abrupt shift to the way we work, and is expected to have implications for years to come. The biggest impact was on businesses that had to pivot to managing a remote workforce. Understandably, at first, many companies and their employees were concerned about moving fully online. Today, the majority of workers believe they are as effective when working remotely and, in many instances, want to ditch the office all together..."

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