Kubernetes architecture and what it means for security
Red Hat News, June 1st , 2021
June 2, 2021,
Volume 279, Issue 1

Kubernetes is a robust yet complex infrastructure system for container orchestration, with multiple components that must be adequately protected

"In order to know how to more effectively secure your Kubernetes environments, it is important to understand the architecture of Kubernetes itself as well as where and how to focus efforts on valuable mitigations.

Each Kubernetes cluster consists of two sets of components:

  • The control plane, which is used to manage operations throughout the cluster, and

  • The cluster's worker nodes, which run containerized applications in pods. Also, to achieve high availability and resiliency-especially for production cluster environments-both sets of components can be deployed across multiple machines that form a cluster.

Considering that the Kubernetes control plane is designed to make global decisions regarding a cluster's operations, compromise of control plane components could easily result in complete compromise of a cluster.

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