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Employees have been under immense pressure over the past year to help their organizations navigate the crisis, and they're finding a new ally in robots to help them better manage their companies' finances

"To explore the impact of technology on the future of the finance profession, we partnered with finance expert Farnoosh Torabi to survey more than 9,000 consumers and business leaders across 14 countries.

The research found that younger employees are facing intense financial stress and anxiety caused by COVID-19. For example, 97 percent of Gen Z employees say that managing their organization's finances scares them, and more than half of younger employees (52 percent of Gen Z and 53 percent of Millennials) are losing sleep at night thinking about their business' budget..."

Online shopping has drastically increased in the past year as consumers go online to buy everything from groceries to work-from-home essentials, school supplies, and personal care products

"As one example, McKinsey found approximately 20-40 percent growth in consumers who purchase online across these categories and more. And this growth is set to continue with U.S. online retail sales expected to reach $843 billion this year.

As consumers spend more time shopping online, the opportunity for advertisers to reach and engage consumers through online channels is also growing. That is why we are continuously exploring new ways to help advertisers connect the dots..."

During the past year, organizations turned to human resources leaders to map out some of the make-or-break COVID-19 decisions: who should work remotely, who stays in the office or factory, how do we handle layoffs, and how do we keep everyone safe while also protecting the business as best we can?

"If any CEOs were underestimating the importance of HR leaders and systems, they aren't anymore, says Josh Bersin, a global HR industry analyst who spoke at a recent Oracle HCM Virtual Summit called Work Made Human: Innovation for the New Workplace.

HR execs now have a "seat at the table" with other C-Suite members, and an equal say in making decisions. "No question, in most companies today, the CIO, the CHRO, and the CEO are very good friends about how to make the company successful," Bersin says. However, while most employers and employees adjusted reasonably well during the pandemic, he says, sometimes the organization's old technology and practices got in the way of necessary evolution. As a result, CEOs are turning to HR leaders for new ideas..."

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