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Lenovo has been building products and solutions for higher education for a long time, developing relationships with colleges and universities to help with the digital transformation of the entire institution, from teaching and learning to administration and security

"We see Virtual Reality (VR) as a transformative technology that can inspire students and empower faculty to take their teaching to the next level. VR has also been shown to lead to better outcomes such as greater engagement of students, increased focus on learning material, and better retention of information.

Immersive technologies like VR and Augmented Reality (AR) have a bright future in higher education. The academic world is seeing powerful examples in every discipline, every major, and every profession. Whether you are working in the humanities, social sciences, arts, physical sciences, health sciences, or professional schools, VR can make a real difference in attaining mastery of the material..."

Lenovo is rolling out ThinkSmart Manager 2.0, a more feature-rich version of its powerful communication and collaboration tool for the hybrid workforce

"Lenovo unveiled its new version of the ThinkSmart Manager conference room solution that was announced in December, adding new functionality to a tool that helps IT administrators keep meeting rooms as a highly productive space.

ThinkSmart Manager is a transformative tool designed to help businesses drive better communication and collaboration in the workplace, empowering IT and operations teams with a way to evolve the workplace itself. It gives admins the power to deploy, manage and monitor all of their Lenovo ThinkSmart meeting room devices from one place, enabling full visibility into device status..."

The past year has witnessed the acceleration of technological innovations to support remote working, none more so than tools that enable collaboration on a local and global scale

"These communications tools have helped keep schools in sessions, families connected, and facilitated digital transformation in business.

Work is no longer defined by an office space. We anticipate the continued growth of hybrid working models and predict a transition from traditional offices to more dynamic and collaborative business centers. Video conferencing and collaboration platforms are playing a critical role in helping employees stay productive, engaged and connected wherever they are.

At Lenovo, we continue to look ahead and understand the importance in maintaining those connections. At home or in redesigned meeting spaces, Lenovo ThinkSmart delivers intelligent solutions to meet the variety of conferencing needs, secured by ThinkShield and powered by the 11th Gen Intel vPro platform designed to deliver high performance and comprehensive hardware-based security features..."

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