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The AlmaLinux OS Foundation announced availability of AlmaLinux OS 8.4 just one week after the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.4

'This is our second stable release, since the project was announced in December,' said Jack Aboutboul, community manager of AlmaLinux.

'Our community, partners and sponsors all worked together, at warp speed no less, to provide the very latest, best and stable community-driven, governed and free open source alternative to the former incarnation of CentOS. The open source world was nervously watching the past few months wondering how feasible this new reality would be, and for us to produce something suitable for real-world, actively-running workloads so quickly and efficiently is truly a testament to our provenance, the power of community and the open source model.'

Best Linux Distributions
TecMint, June 3rd , 2021
Welcome to the Linux Distros page where we catalog the latest versions of your favorite Linux distributions, highlight their latest features, direct you to the download page, and include installation guides where necessary or as requested.

"The Linux Distros page is a Live page because we will continually update its content as the below-listed distros release major versions. In other words, simply stay tuned!

I have used neofetch - a command-line utility to display operating system, software, and hardware information in the screenshots of each Linux distribution..."

As CentOS 8 draws steadily to End of Life on December 31st, 2021, efforts have been made to come up with centos alternative distributions which will fill in the big shoes left by CentOS 8

"This comes following RedHat's decision to dump CentOS 8 in favor of CentOS Stream, something which has elicited mixed reactions.

Many users have felt betrayed by RedHat's move to cut short the life of CentOS 8 by 9 years. A good number have also expressed their concerns about the stability and security that CentOS Stream will provide.

Given the reluctance to shift to CentOS Stream, a few alternatives have been made available to the public as an alternative to CentOS 8. One of them is Rocky Linux which is a downstream build of CentOS 8..."

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