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The Internet of Things (IoT) has broken out from its smart home roots to become a full-fledged game changer in the worlds of cloud computing and data management

"As 5G brings a dynamic level of speed and latency to network environments, the number of devices connected to these networks continues to explode, with Statista forecasting that 50 billion IoT devices will be in use globally by 2030.

Often pushed to the edge of the network to maintain optimal network performance and to enhance network security, IoT devices are great data resources that can impact business decisions. Enterprises have adopted IoT to do everything from enhancing productivity to establishing systemwide automation..."

Among the many important aspects of Internet of things (IoT) security, live cameras are one of the most open to misuse

"People have been video snooping, watching private cameras and doing other sketchy things around connected cameras for many years. But in recent months, the intensity and risk around video have risen.

Video has breached privacy, or even security, in recent months in three main ways. First, cyber criminals place hidden cameras in hotel rooms or home bedrooms. From there, they sell video clips or even live streams from those cameras online at scale..."

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