6 Reasons Why You Should Update Your ERP System Regularly
Business 2 Community, June 5th , 2021
At the beginning of the ERP implementation, everyone involved is highly motivated

"The project team meticulously records all important business processes and uses them to develop the central requirements for the new ERP solution. The key users drive process optimization and keep their colleagues up to date. And the management ensures that the ERP project and day-to-day business do not get in each other's way.

But this zest for action usually only lasts until the end of the ERP implementation. After the go-live, the enthusiasm quickly subsides. Many companies expect the ERP solution to run quietly in the background from now on. With the assumption that care and maintenance is also done on its own.

Do not give away valuable potential with this setting, but use an always up-to-date ERP system and the associated advantages for your company. Here's how:..."

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