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4 Ways CISOs Can Strengthen Their Security Resilience
Security Boulevard, May 31st, 2021
A new article in Dark Reading discusses the '4 Ways CISOs Can Strengthen Their Security Resilience'

"The article caught my attention because one of the 4 areas was to 'Secure Workloads and Kubernetes Environments.' I was surprised by the inclusion of this requirement not because it isn't important, but because I assumed it would be just considered a given requirement in every organization today.

With the COVID pandemic this last year causing the move to the cloud to accelerate, having workloads in the cloud and using Kubernetes to orchestrate container workloads has become fairly commonplace, which is why I'm surprised security for workloads and Kubernetes isn't just a given for most organizations..."

Digital Transformation Storytelling: 5 Powerful Tips
The Enterprisers Project, June 1st , 2021
Want to tell better digital transformation stories - to a variety of people? Try these approaches to memorable storytelling in documents and presentations

"As part of digital transformation, are you working to get your team aligned on business priorities? Maybe you are trying to sell the executive committee on a new investment? Perhaps you are trying to explain to your operations teams the business impact of the latest systems outage?

In these and many other examples, you must gain an audience's attention, explain a key concept, and hopefully bring them to decisive action. In the gap of time you have, whether it's a 280 character tweet or a forty-minute keynote, you have to grab your audience's attention and bring them on a journey to understanding, empathy, and urgency..."

IT, CIOs are frequently advised, needs to be aligned with the business, and alignment, we're told, is mostly a matter of effective IT governance

"Alignment is better than misalignment, I suppose, but in the end it's weak tea. Add overreliance on IT governance as the means for achieving it and you turn IT into a stifling, choking bureaucracy, not a more effective organization.

What's the superior alternative? Focusing your efforts on integrating IT into the business, not just aligning IT with it. That's integration, as in taking all the steps necessary for IT to be, and to be perceived as being, integral to every aspect of the enterprise..."

Technology continues to transform at an unprecedented rate and the security of that technology is paramount to its users having a trustworthy and positive experience

"For years, companies have relied on IT to run their business operations, with software applications supporting essential business functions. Vulnerabilities inherent in these applications spurred a dramatic rise in the need for corporate cybersecurity programs, which are now commonplace. However, until recently, 'product security programs' were not as common, as most of the world's companies sold products that were not digitized in any meaningful way.

This has since changed and now "technology companies' are no longer siloed in the technology industry. They reside across every industry vertical where products from light bulbs to vacuum cleaners to pacemakers are being digitally transformed through the addition of a software stack and networking capability...

CISO Confidence Is Rising, but Issues Remain
DARKReading, June 1st , 2021
New research reveals how global CISOs dealt with COVID-19 and their plans for 2022-2023.

"The pandemic has been a "black swan" event. The effects have hammered the global economy, and, on the Internet, allowed cybercriminals to ramp up their dirty work and extort millions of dollars. Today, despite taking measures to prevent them, many organizations around the world still feel vulnerable to online attacks.

Such are the findings of Proofpoint's survey of some 1,400 CISOs from around the world, revealed in its 2021 "Voice of the CISO" report, which also describes what security leaders did to battle the pandemic and what they're planning for the next two years..."

Success in business starts with the realization that competitive advantage is with those that are great with data. Winners create a virtuous cycle and a data supermarket.

"In Marco Iansiti and Karim Lakhani's book, 'Competing on AI,' they suggest that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is about reinventing 'the core of the modern firm where processes are digitized and enabled by an AI factory that treats decision making as an industrial process.'

The aim of an 'AI factory is to create a virtuous cycle between user engagement, data collection, algorithm design, and improvement.' The goal, they believe, is to create a 'data supermarket.' But how do organizations go about creating a data advantage? This was the topic of a recent #CIOChat..."

Digital Transformation: 4 Ways To Achieve Real Change
The Enterprisers Project, June 2nd , 2021
Digital transformation now requires resilience and flexibility on a new scale. Consider these strategies

"While enterprises throughout the world have embraced the concept of digital transformation, these transitions are often less successful than one would expect. According to a 2020 study from BCG, only 30 percent of transformations met or exceeded their target value and resulted in sustainable change.

However, many enterprises are accelerating their digital transformation efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. IDG reported that 59 percent of IT leaders are increasing digital transformation efforts as a result of pandemic pressures..."

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