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Adoption of cloud computing has grown rapidly over the past few years. Many organizations are now dependent on their cloud systems

"A poorly planned system can be a burden on the business that's using it. Reconfiguring an architecture is a costly and time-consuming process, especially if the original cloud migration didn't go smoothly. While some mistakes are unavoidable, here's five gotchas that you should watch out for..."

The Cost of Cloud, a Trillion Dollar Paradox
VentureBeat, June 4th , 2021
There is no doubt that the cloud is one of the most significant platform shifts in the history of computing

"Not only has cloud already impacted hundreds of billions of dollars of IT spend, it's still in early innings and growing rapidly on a base of over $100B of annual public cloud spend. This shift is driven by an incredibly powerful value proposition - infrastructure available immediately, at exactly the scale needed by the business - driving efficiencies both in operations and economics. The cloud also helps cultivate innovation as company resources are freed up to focus on new products and growth..."

We've all heard dire predictions about the future of cybersecurity trends, especially cloud security

"Internet of things (IoT) environments will expand the attack surface beyond control and encourage breaches. Hybrid offices will always pose a greater risk as cyber criminals exploit flex and remote work. Insecure application programming interfaces (APIs) will open the door to attacks. Attackers will hijack employee accounts. Cloud resources will lack visibility.

But what if these threats and risks are overblown? Here's why all these dire predictions about cloud security might never come to pass..."

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