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How I Learned To Delegate Without Guilt
The Enterprisers Project, June 1st , 2021
I used to think of delegation as a selfish, one-way act to take work off my plate and put it on others' plates. Then I learned delegation opens the door for people on my team to shine and advance

"As we continue to work remotely in the wake of the pandemic, many of us may question if we're working hard enough. After all, we don't have a visible frame of reference with our peers. This sense of uncertainty can fuel anxiety and burnout.

In my recent talks with government IT leaders, burnout is front of mind - not just for the staff but even at senior levels of the leadership chain. I've been in customer meetings where senior leaders teared up about how hard their teams are working to save the US economy, while knowing several people on their team passed away due to COVID..."

New Jersey made headlines in 2020 when its governor pleaded for COBOL programmers to help rescue the state's unemployment claims processing computer system, which was bogged down under the burden of COVID-19-related traffic

"The scene was reminiscent of the clamor for COBOL experts during the Y2K problem, but fewer people today are conversant in the 60-year-old language.

This instance highlights the current need for IT skills related to legacy technologies and products. While COBOL may be nearing geriatric status, job opportunities still abound. listed more than 1,300 job opportunities for COBOL programmers at the end of the first quarter of 2021. And job listings tell only part of the picture..."

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