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Cypherpunk and cryptocurrency pioneer Nick Szabo previewed his keynote for the Bitcoin 2021 event, being held in Miami on June 4 and 5.

"Nick Szabo is a cypherpunk and cryptocurrency pioneer who in the 1990s proposed smart contracts as well as Bit Gold, a predecessor to Bitcoin. He has also written some of the most influential articles in the cryptocurrency space, including 'Shelling Out: The Origins Of Money,' 'Trusted Third Parties Are Security Holes' and 'Money, Blockchains, And Social Scalability.'

At Bitcoin 2021, Szabo will speak about Bitcoin and the history of money. In this short interview, Szabo previewed the topics he will present on stage..."

The Patriotic Case For Bitcoin
Bitcoin Magazine, June 2nd , 2021
Bitcoin represents the various aspects of freedom present in the American tradition of self sovereignty

"An anarchistic digital currency pioneered by cypherpunks and first used on shady internet sites is not something one would typically associate with patriotism. Nevertheless, as our country strays further from its founding ideals of liberty, decentralization, and personal responsibility, perhaps Bitcoin is precisely what is needed to return us to those roots..."

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