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Anyone who has ever worked in retail is familiar with the saying 'the customer is always right'

"And in today's omnichannel retail environment, it might be more accurate to say, "the customer always has choices." Because there are so many options available for consumers to interact with retailers today, the implications of not delivering consistent, secure, 'always on' experiences are more profound than ever.

Protecting Retailers Against Advanced Threats

Customers interact via online and digital channels with retail businesses every day; whether making purchases, browsing inventory, or checking on the status of an order. And the moment a business' website or mobile-app isn't available, or the experience is degraded, that customer may simply move on..."

This year marks the 50th anniversary of email, which kickstarted a rapid and unprecedented expansion and acceleration of communications across the world since its inception with the first electronic message sent by engineer Ray Tomlinson from one computer to another over a network

"Below is a timeline overview, starting with the first email, to commemorate 50 years of technological evolution as well as best practices for keeping your email secure.

Exploring the History of Email Security

Even before the first computer-to-computer or networked email was sent, the concept of electronic mail was in the works. No technology magically appears in the world. For email, this prehistory came in the form of two individuals - Noel Morris and Tom Van Vleck - working on a program that enabled communication between mainframe computer users. This precursor was intended for the Compatible Time-Sharing System (CTSS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); the CTSS Operations department used this system to inform users that file retrieval requests had been completed. Simultaneously, several other governmental and corporate systems were evolving on parallel paths, including the SDC's Q32 operating system SDS 940, the U.S. military's AUTODN system, and IBM's CP/CMS. Ultimately, all of these projects would lead to the introduction of email in the early 1970s..."

FortiGuard Labs recently captured a fresh phishing campaign in which a Microsoft Excel document attached to a spam email downloaded and executed several pieces of VBscript code

This malware is used to hijack bitcoin address information and deliver a new variant of Agent Tesla onto the victim's device.

Agent Tesla, first discovered in late 2014, is a known spyware focused on stealing sensitive information from a victim's device, such as saved application credentials, keyboard inputs (keylogger), etc. We have posted a number of detailed analysis blogs for Agent Tesla campaign captured by FortiGuard Labs over the past several year.

Interestingly, Agent Tesla is a commercial software that is sold online, as shown in Figure 1.1, below...

Security Is Key for the Success of 5G
Fortinet News, June 3rd , 2021
5G has been a particularly hot topic lately, sparking significant debates and being considered as polarizing to some extent

"However, countries all over the world are rolling out their 5G networks, considering this evolution in mobile connectivity as a strong game-changer for end users, the mobility ecosystem, and many industries.

Two Takeaways that Make 5G Unique

5G differs from 4G and previous mobile generations in two significant and interdependent aspects.

First, 5G breaks away from the gradual evolution from one mobile generation to the other by redefining its technology foundations, to support and drive the ongoing digital transformation businesses, consumers, and even whole societies are undertaking. It means that most of the legacy nature of the mobile network, such as the use of specific protocols and interfaces, is replaced by common IT protocols, APIs, and cloud technologies..."

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