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Over the last decade, we've had the privilege of nurturing the growth of esports

"Once thought of as a niche activity, esports is now quickly outplacing more traditional sports and growing at rapid scale. Last year, viewers watched an astonishing 18.6B hours of content and, this year, the industry is expected to surpass $1B in revenue. With this phenomenal growth comes significant job opportunities too, and not just for the players and trainers. It takes thousands of software engineers, content creators, data analysts, game designers, social media specialists, venue operators, accountants, lawyers and more to make the world of esports turn..."

Some search far and wide for the 'X factor' of mobile PC gaming -- the unique and significant quality that makes a product exceptional

"For Alienware, exceptional is part of our DNA and nothing brings that to life more than our Alienware X-Series: a brand-new mobile gaming family that exemplifies our values of bold innovation, high performance, iconic design and premium quality.

Today, with the launch of X-Series we're proud to present Alienware's thinnest 15' and 17' gaming laptops, introducing the first-ever Alienware x15 and Alienware x17. With breakthrough system-level engineering controls to let you play the latest and greatest game titles with confidence, it boasts patent-pending cooling technologies, the latest performance components, framerate-splitting displays and Legend 2.0 design features. What's more, our collaboration with Intel helped us achieve one of the thinnest form factors ever seen in a PC of this caliber..."

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