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Top 10 Features Of Fedora 34 Workstation
DebugPoint, April 26th, 2021
Fedora 34 releases soon. If you are wondering about the new features and details, you would be surprised to find out that this release going to be a massive one. here we give you a sneak peek at the top 10 features of the Fedora 34 workstation

"I always admire the Fedora team. Being a legacy Linux distribution, it is always the front-runner on adopting new tech, packages. While others stay behind, Fedora takes a well-defined approach to move forward. That said, Fedora 34 brings some huge changes across packages and desktop environments. Let's take a look at the top features of Fedora 34..."

Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS now supports the latest Intel and AMD Chrome devices

"The new version of Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS (PDC) now allows users to run fully-featured Windows desktop versions of video conferencing apps such as Zoom, Cisco WebEx and GoToMeeting.

Thanks to support for camera and microphone redirection, PDC users can now enjoy key features in apps that aren't available in web-based versions, such as drawing tools, whiteboard, and always-on control panel in Go to Meeting, in addition to remote-control features in Zoom and Cisco WebEx..."

The latest version of RHEL gives users additional management features and includes capabilities that will serve as the foundation of Red Hat's edge computing initiative

"Red Hat Inc. stretched the tentacles of its operating system further out to the edge with a new version that makes edge deployments easier, along with a new Linux container and a handful of management capabilities.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8.4, which will serve as the foundation for the Red Hat Edge initiative, delivers the capabilities of several products and services in the company's portfolio to edge applications. The new release aims at a handful of vertical markets including transportation, enterprise devices and smart automobiles, particularly the telecommunications market. The focus on telecommunications doesn't come as a surprise to most analysts..."

Linux Tips For Using GNU Screen, April 29th, 2021
Learn the basics of terminal multiplexing with GNU Screen, then download our cheat sheet so you always have the essential shortcuts at hand

"To the average user, a terminal window can be baffling and cryptic. But as you learn more about the Linux terminal, it doesn't take long before you realize how efficient and powerful it is. It also doesn't take long for you to want it to be even more efficient, though, and what better way to make your terminal better than to put more terminals into your terminal?

Terminal multiplexing

One of the many advantages to the terminal is that it's a centralized interface with centralized controls. It's one window that affords you access to hundreds of applications, and all you need to interact with each one of them is a keyboard. But modern computers almost always have processing power to spare, and modern computerists love to multitask, so one window for hundreds of applications can be pretty limiting..."

Linux supports a variety of file systems such as ext4, ZFS, XFS, Btrfs, Reiser4, and so on. Different types of file systems solve different kinds of problems and their usage is application specific

"Choosing Linux file system that is appropriate for your application is an important decision. This tutorial describes some of the major Linux file systems and provides recommendations on the right file system to suit your application.

What is Linux file system

Almost every bit of data and programming that is needed to boot a Linux system and keep it working is saved in the file system. For example, the operating system itself, compilers, application programs, shared libraries, configuration files, log files, media mount points, and so on..."

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