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Securing Enterprise IoT Lies In The Network
ITProPortal, April 29th, 2021
IoT is transforming enterprise operations, but must be secured through the network

"The rollout of IoT technology throughout enterprise environments introduces new ways to monitor, report, alert, automate and optimize business processes. From manufacturing lines, to HVAC, to retail, and everything in between, IoT is transforming industries.

The benefits to automation through IoT are significant, but enterprises should still be cautious before launching their IoT transformation. From a security perspective, the fundamental nature of IoT increases an organization's attack surface - adding more points of entry and adding greater complexity to the IT infrastructure that enterprise cybersecurity teams must already protect..."

IoT Security: Be Aware Of What You Connect At Home
SecurityIntelligence, April 26th, 2021
Home IoT device adoption has grown by leaps and bounds. It's a time of connected gadgets everywhere, and with them, comes security risks

"McKinsey predicts the total number of IoT-connected devices will be 43 billion by 2023, with the vast majority being consumer devices.

Most of these new devices connect via home routers (another IoT device), 5G mobile broadband and satellite internet. These are new frontiers for threat actors, which means a new set of security concerns if you are not prepared..."

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a true innovation in the business world

"Small devices with powerful algorithms behind them can transform modern industries, reduce expenses, enhance efficiency and eliminate risks. If you have yet to implement the IoT for your business, read on to find out why you should.

1. It enhances productivity and efficiency

Thanks to the Internet of Things, time-consuming and repetitive tasks can be automated. This allows human resources to be transferred to more complex tasks that require out-of-the-box thinking or other personal skills. In addition, you can leverage the power of IoT to determine the productivity of your employees, the tasks that are improving the function of your business, and the ones that are impairing it..."

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