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The Three Main Cybersecurity Career Paths, April 30th, 2021
Main security career paths and their required skills

"Twenty-five years ago, when cybersecurity was emerging as a specialty, most practitioners were transitioning from IT operational roles. As the Internet expanded and firewalls went up, security duties became increasingly demanding and businesses created dedicated security positions.

Those doing these early cybersecurity jobs ended up knowing a bit about everything and evolved into generalists. Since then, with so many new avenues of technology, most of these generalists either specialized or went into management..."

CIOs are meeting talent shortages and transforming tech agendas head on by assessing staff skills and developing roadmaps for obtaining the know-how necessary for long-term success

"CIO Mike Anderson has a 10-member core IT team plus another 50 workers handling technical work within other functional departments.

But Anderson, who started his job at software company Netskope in March, doesn't yet know the full scope of skills he has on staff. He plans to undertake a skills assessment in the upcoming months, using the HackerRank platform to get an accurate take on his employees' technical proficiencies..."

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