IT - Backup

We look at the key ways that backups can fail - via software issues, hardware problems, trouble in the infrastructure and good old human error - and suggest ways to mitigate them

"Despite the prevalence of many forms of data protection - that range from local RAID via snapshots and replication to keeping copies in the cloud - the facts of life are that backup is still fundamental to IT.

That's because no matter what other methods you use - snapshots, replication, and so on - any corruption to data is copied with it, so a good library of backups going back as far as possible is needed to roll back to.

But backups fail - and, according to a recent survey, the failure rate is a staggeringly high 37%..."

Site owners should regularly backup their data for safekeeping

"Building a website in 2021 is not such a big deal with the right tools and partners. Keeping a website safe in 2021 - now that's a whole different ball game. As individuals and businesses are progressively expanding their online presence - so are the lurking hackers and attackers who want to exploit their data.

So what can we do about it? There are many precautions you can take - system and app firewalls, restricted user access, security plugins.

One thing should always be present in your checklist, though - data backups!..."

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