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IT - CxO
CEO Directives: Top 10 Initiatives For IT Leaders
CIO, April 19th, 2021
The CEO charter for CIOs this year: Lead digital transformation, capitalize on data analytics, and collaborate more with the business
CXOTALK: Digital Supply Chain And Innovation At Unilever
CXO Talk, April 20th, 2021
Supply chain management (SCM) is a competitive differentiator at Unilever. The Unilever supply chain extends beyond the manufacturing process into the core of digital transformation using artificial intelligence to manage supply chain risks and ensure the company can meet customer demand
3 Factors That Should Be Driving Your Digital Transformation
InformationWeek, April 21st, 2021
To maximize output of any digitalization project, organizations must treat it as a wider business initiative, rather than a targeted IT transformation.
CIO Change Agents: The Art Of The IT Turnaround
CIO, April 20th, 2021
CIOs from ecommerce, insurance, and automotive sectors discuss how they changed their IT cultures to pave the way for digital transformations.
CIO Role Post-Pandemic Is 'Opportunity Of A Lifetime'
SearchCIO, April 21st, 2021
What is the CIO's role in 2021? Genpact's Sanjay Srivastava, a speaker at this year's MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, says CIOs are becoming 'co-creators' of new business models
How To Empower Your Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
InformationAge, April 22nd, 2021
This article will explore how organisations can empower their chief information security officer (CISO) to excel in securing infrastructure
IT Leadership: 3 Mistakes To Avoid In Challenging Times
The Enterprisers Project, April 23rd, 2021
It's easy to get distracted in difficult times. Don't let these common missteps derail your business goals
What Is Digital Transformation?
Datamation, April 23rd, 2021
You don't have to look far to see how digital transformation has impacted your life in some way
How Executives Become CIOs
CIODIVE, April 20th, 2021
Whether they come from a tech or business background, CIOs are tasked with translating to the company how digital can change the game
Northwestern Mutual CIO Takes Incremental Approach To IT Innovation
CIO, April 21st, 2021
The insurance and investment company is building an analytics platform and other solutions on an innovation continuum where learning from failure is a means to a better end
IT - CxO Events
CIO: Building a Deep Learning Enterprise: The Tools for AI and Machine Learning (April 26th)
Monday, April 26th, 2021: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
Join CIO contributing editor Charles Pelton and AI/machine learning subject-matter experts from our roundtable sponsor, Supermicro, for a private, interactive, virtual roundtable.
CIO: Redefining Transformation: Bringing the Cloud Experience to Your Workload (April 27th)
Tuesday, April 27th, 2021: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM
Join CIO contributing editor Charles Pelton and subject-matter experts from our roundtable sponsor, HPE, for a private, interactive, virtual roundtable.
CAMPIT: Cyber Security & BC/DR - Mitigating Downtime (April 28th)
Wednesday, April 28th, 2021: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST
Attendees will receive a certificate awarding 1 CPE credit for CISSP continuing education, in addition to 0.1 CEUs and 1 PDU
CAMPIT: Data Breaches: Defending Against and Responding To (April 29)
Thursday, April 29th, 2021: 10:00 PM to 6:00 PM EST
Strategies to help your organization prepare for, defend against and respond to breaches.
CSO: Delivering Secure Work Environments to Your Workforce - Wherever They Are (May 3th)
Monday, May 3rd, 2021: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Join us for this roundtable discussion with CSO's Contributing Editor, Bob Bragdon, along with Kurt Roemer, Chief Security Strategist at Citrix, as we collectively share experiences and leading practices for addressing these challenges across your organization
Gartner Data & Analytics Summit (May 4th-May 6th)
Tuesday, May 4th, 2021: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM Thursday, May 6th
Develop a resilient data and analytics strategy for an AI-ready, data-centric organization
DARK Reading: Meys to Better Cyber Risk Assessment (May 5th)
Wednesday, May 5th, 2021: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
The perils of security breaches are widely publicized, but do you know exactly how an attack or breach would affect your business?
FutureCon: VIRTUAL Eastern:Cybersecurity is no Longer Just An IT Problem (May 5th)
Wednesday, May 5th, 2021: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
FutureCon Events brings high-level Cyber Security Training discovering cutting-edge security approaches, managing risk in the ever-changing threat of the cybersecurity workforce.
2021 HMG Live! New York CISO Executive Leadership Summit (May 6th)
Thursday, May 6th, 2021: 1:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Courageous Leadership and Fearless Reinvention: Securing the Modern Enterprise in Dynamic Times
CSO: Delivering Secure Work Environments to Your Workforce - Wherever They Are (May 10th)
Tuesday, May 10th, 2021: 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM Thursday, May 6th
Network with IT executives and learn how to deliver secure application environments to all employees, regardless of location or device, as the workplace model continues to evolve
Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit (May 11-12th)
Tuesday, May 11th, 2021: 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM Thursday, May 12th
Get the latest insights on privileged access management, IT security and privacy virtually at Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit 2021, Americas.
CIO: Future of Business Resilience Summit (May 11-13th)
Tuesday, May 11th, 2021: 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM Thursday, May 6th
Strategies for An Evolving Business Climate
Data Center World: The State of the Data Center 2021 (May 13th)
Thursday, May 13th, 2021: 1 PM to 3:15 PM EST
The highly anticipated results of the annual State of the Data Center survey have arrived and will be presented at this online event!
2021 Miami CIO of the Year ORBIE Awards (May 17th)
Monday, May 17th, 2021: 7:30 AM to 10:00 AM
Join us as we honor technology leaders in South Florida
Evanta: 2021 Florida CIO & CISO Virtual Executive Summit (May 25th)
Tuesday, May 25th, 2021: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Join your peers to discuss the most critical issues impacting CISOs today
CAMPIT: Enterprise Risk / Security Management (May 27th)
Thursday, May 27th, 2021: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST
Strategies for reducing risk to the enterprise.
IT - Storage
5 Top Online Courses In Data Storage, April 20th, 2021
Keeping up with the latest data storage technologies, concepts, methods, products and platforms can be daunting. Boost your storage knowledge and career with these online courses
Enterprise Storage Has To Evolve In A Changing Data Landscape
The Next Platform, April 20th, 2021
Enterprises continue to be inundated with data that needs to be collected, stored, moved, processed and analyzed, and the view down the road shows no let up
Explore The Challenges, Benefits Of Provisioned IOPS Storage
SearchStorage, April 21st, 2021
IT admins who want the flexibility to provision IOPS independently from capacity can turn to certain software-defined storage and cloud services offerings
FCIA 2020 Fibre Channel Roadmap
StorageNewsletter, April 19th, 2021
When companies invest in a technology, they want to know that they will get a return on their investment for years to come
IT - Security
Why Organizations Need To Prioritize Data Security, April 20th, 2021
Chris Waynforth at Imperva discusses why organizations need to prioritize data security
The Security Impact Of Shadow IT
Information Age, April 20th, 2021
Gemma Moore, director at Cyberis, discusses the impact that shadow IT can have on security throughout the organisation
2020 Changed Identity Forever; What's Next?
Dark Reading, April 20th, 2021
For all the chaos the pandemic caused, it also sparked awareness of how important an identity-centric approach is to securing today's organizations
How To Detect Security Vulnerabilities And Prevent Risks, April 21st, 2021
No company is completely immune to attacks
Time To Rethink Your Security Strategy
Security Boulevard, April 21st, 2021
As you may have heard, a massive breach of Microsoft Exchange servers was revealed in the last several weeks
Top Security Challenges Of 2020 Show Us How To Protect What's Next
CIO, April 21st, 2021
The year like no other impacted the cybersecurity landscape in profound ways that will continue into 2021
Cyber Security Spending Heading For $200 Billion A Year - Bloomberg
InformationAge, April 22nd, 2021
A new Bloomberg Intelligence (BI) report has found that spending on cyber security is set to exceed $200 billion a year by 2024
How To Set Up Your CRM To Improve Sales Performance
Business 2 Community, April 22nd, 2021
Nowadays, a customer relationship management (CRM) system is all but indispensable for keeping your relationship with existing customers strong.
6 Ways To Ensure A Great Candidate Experience Through Your Recruitment System
Business 2 Community, April 22nd, 2021
Ensuring candidate experience should be a must for every company, and as a recruiter, there are many ways on how you can do so through your recruitment system
7 IT Hiring Trends For 2021
CIO, April 23rd, 2021
COVID-19 sparked immediate change in the technology industry - and businesses have overhauled how they recruit, hire, and retain IT talent as a result
How Can Digital Marketing Tactics Boost The HR Industry?, April 22nd, 2021
It is common to wonder that HR does not have to do anything with digital marketing anyway.
How To Make Your Payroll And HR Processes Faster, Accurate And More Cost-Effective
ITProPortal, April 21st, 2021
In today's difficult economic climate, operational efficiency and cost-cutting are right at the top of the agenda for many businesses
IT Leadership: 8 Ways To Be A Great Coach
The Enterprisers Project, April 22nd, 2021
Great leaders are all about empowering others to be their best. Consider this expert advice on how CIOs and IT leaders can do just that
10 Things Your Artificial Intelligence Initiative Needs To Succeed
InformationWeek, April 20th, 2021
In the race to implement AI, some companies may overlook important details that can mean the difference between success and failure
5 AI Tools That Can Think And Write Like Humans
ZDNet, April 22nd, 2021
Never face the blank page again: These content automation tools use cutting edge natural language processing to create clean, natural writing
Composite AI: What Is It, And Why You Need It
datanami, April 20th, 2021
You might have noticed a new term, 'composite AI,' floating around the cybersphere.
EU Proposes Strict New AI Regulations, April 22nd, 2021
AI misuse could lead to severe fines under new rules
FTC Publishes Recommendations On AI
iapp, April 20th, 2021
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission published recommendations for organizations using artificial intelligence
Solving The AI Gap: What's Needed To Boost Sluggish AI Adoption
EnterpriseAI, April 21st, 2021
While many business leaders are curious about AI and see its use as potentially beneficial to their operations, most are not rushing like lemmings into the abyss of AI adoption
IT - Technology
60% Of The World Is Online - 10 Big Takeaways On The State Of The Internet In 2021
The Next Web, April 21st, 2021
The adoption and use of connected tech continues to surge around the globe
Deep Dive Into Intel's 'Ice Lake' Xeon SP Architecture
The Next Platform, April 19th, 2021
No question about it. Intel had to get a lot of moving pieces all meshing well to deliver the 'Ice Lake' Xeon SP server processors, which came out earlier this month and which have actually been shipping to a few dozen select customers since the end of 2020
You Can Now Set Up A Baby Kubernetes Cluster On Raspberry Pi, April 20th, 2021
You can now run a full Kubernetes cluster with less than 600 Mb of RAM
IT - Blockchain
Can Blockchain Solve Data's Integrity Problem?
the security leger, April 22nd, 2021
Goodness is hard to measure. More so in the field of Cybersecurity. In the physical world, if you possess something, say a $1 bill, you have it
Essential Features In Retail ERP
CIO Insight, April 21st, 2021
What to Look For When Considering an ERP Solution for Your Organization
How To Explain Business Intelligence (BI) In Plain English
The Enterprisers Project, April 21st, 2021
What is Business Intelligence and what can it do for your organization? Experts discuss the realities of BI in the big data, cloud, and AI era
SAP News
Abeam Consulting Completes Global External Workforce Management Transformation With SAP Fieldglass Solutions
SAP News, April 21st, 2021
SAP announced that ABeam Consulting Ltd., a provider of business transformation services, has implemented the SAP Fieldglass Vendor Management System for its Japanese operations, the last phase of a global rollout to help meet its demand for highly skilled external workers worldwide and increase its workforce agility
SAP Announces First Quarter 2021 Results
SAP News, April 22nd, 2021
SAP SE announced its financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2021.
SAP.iO Foundries San Francisco And New York Launch New Accelerator Programs
SAP News, April 22nd, 2021
SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) launched two virtual accelerator programs, one focusing on human resources (HR) technology and the future of work, hosted by SAP.iO Foundry San Francisco, and the other focused on professional services and sponsored by SAP.iO Foundry New York
Sustainability Actions Still Challenging To Implement, According To New Study From SAP
SAP News, April 21st, 2021
Climate change, materials use, air pollution, solid waste and resource availability were the top sustainability issues business executives identified for investment, according to a new global research study from SAP SE. But implementing and scaling plans for action are still obstacles many encounter.
IT - Operations
3 IT Monitoring Trends For 2021
Network Computing, April 20th, 2021
By being aware of - and anticipating - these three trends in IT monitoring, DevOps and SREs can be better prepared to effectively troubleshoot performance issues and improve business outcomes
3rd Annual Outage Analysis Published By Uptime Institute
Continuity Central, April 21st, 2021
Uptime Institute has announced the findings of its Annual Outage Analysis, which highlights that while improvements have been made with technology and better management of availability, outages remain a major industry, customer, and regulatory concern
The Data Center Management Services Pyramid
CIO, April 21st, 2021
A data center, wherever it is, owned by you or a cloud provider, is the foundation upon which all future digital transformation is built. In choosing your IT supply path, most start with a clear understanding of current and future needs, working with trusted advisers to arrive at the best solution
IT - Database
A Maturity Model For Cloud-Native Databases
Container Journal, April 20th, 2021
Companies have been leveraging Kubernetes and other technologies to move workloads to the clouds
IT - Server
Why And When To Upgrade Servers
ServerWatch, April 23rd, 2021
Like any other asset or device, servers depreciate over time and malfunction when you least expect it. The good news: we know why and when to upgrade servers.
IT - Linux
14 Best Places To Buy Linux Laptops In 2021
FOSSMINT, April 22nd, 2021
This is how my relationship with Linux was born
21 Reasons Why I Think Everyone Should Try Linux, April 19th, 2021
Gaming, business, budgeting, art, programming, and more. These are just a few of the many ways anyone can use Linux
Looking For A CentoOS Replacement? Start Here
DataCenter Knowledge, April 20th, 2021
IT shops may be looking for a CentOS replacement in advance of its support sunsetting. Here are some alternative free Linux distros
Ubuntu 21.04 Makes A Play For The Enterprise Desktop
ZDNet, April 23rd, 2021
For years, Ubuntu has been enormously popular with Linux fans and developers. The corporate desktop? Not so much. Now, with Microsoft Active Directory integration, Ubuntu wants to be an enterprise business desktop as well
5 Top Open-Source Infrastructure Projects
Networkworld, April 22nd, 2021
Open source is at the heart of many technologies pushing enterprise infrastructure forward, and here are of the five most important
5 Ways To Protect Your Documents With Open Source Software, April 20th, 2021
Users have every right to be concerned about the safety and security of their data. When you create data on a computer, it's reasonable to want exclusive control over it
How Open Source Is Fueling Space Exploration, April 20th, 2021
The Ingenuity Mars Helicopter departed Earth for its 293 million mile trip to Mars aboard the Perseverance Rover last July
PeopleTek News
Tips For Virtual Meetings
PeopleTek News, April 21st, 2021
Some of you may have already seen Executive Coach Marilyn Brown's outstanding tips for conducting meetings virtually, but they are worth sharing again. We hope you find them helpful!
IT - DevOps
DevOps Trends To Watch In 2021, April 21st, 2021
Engineers at fast-paced startups often wear both Dev and DevOps hats. Early in my career, as a developer at a sentiment-analysis startup, I was tasked with writing scripts to spin up servers, configure them, install necessary software and deploy the code we wrote.
How The DevOps Skill Journey Fosters A Learning Culture, April 21st, 2021
Human skills, among others, have always been important; now more than ever. Empathy, diversity, creativity, personal commitment have been put to the test
IT - Cloud
5 Key Cloud Container Strategy Elements
CIO, April 21st, 2021
Overcome container technology stumbling blocks with the right cloud-based container strategy
Edge Computing, The Cloud, And AI Autonomous Vehicles
aitr, April 22nd, 2021
What happens when you mix together cats and dogs?
Gartner Cloud Forecast Bodes Well For Service Providers
SearchITChannel, April 23rd, 2021
Gartner predicts end-user public cloud spending to reach $332.3 billion this year, with SaaS representing the largest area of investment; other IT channel news
Gartner Sees Surge In Public Cloud Spend As CIOs Shed Migration Inhibitions
CloudTech, April 21st, 2021
Global end user spending on public cloud services is forecast to grow to $332 billion in 2021 at a yearly growth of 23.1%, according to the latest figures from Gartner
How To Calculate Cloud Migration Costs Before You Move
SearchCloudComputing, April 22nd, 2021
Here's a primer on how to calculate the total cost of a cloud migration and compare your on-premises expenses to what you'll spend on the move
Top Cloud Service Providers & Companies Of 2021
Datamation, April 22nd, 2021
Surveying the top cloud computing companies in 2021 goes way beyond AWS vs. Azure vs. Google
Why IT Leaders Should Make Cloud Training A Top Priority
Network Computing, April 22nd, 2021
As IT operations continue drifting into the cloud, it's important to ensure that organization personnel keep pace with the latest skills and practices
Worldwide Public Cloud End-User Spending To Grow 23% In 2021 - Gartner
InformationAge, April 21st, 2021
The latest forecast from Gartner says that public cloud end-user spending worldwide will grow 23% to total $332.3 billion in 2021
As Business Continuity And Information Security Move Closer Together, How Can The NIST Framework Help?
Continuity Central, April 23rd, 2021
Steve Burden and David Davies look at the NIST framework and its role in cyber threat protection and incident response. They explain why it's important that cyber response plans link to business continuity and ICT continuity plans.
Business Continuity Depends On Immutable Data
ITWeb, April 22nd, 2021
Traditional backup and disaster recovery are unlikely to protect critical enterprise data from the impacts of a ransomware attack
2021 Disaster Recovery-A-Service Buyer's Guide
StorageNewsletter, April 23rd, 2021
Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a solution category that features data replication and recovery of server workloads to a cloud environment
Is Your Disaster Recovery Strategy Robust Enough For Today's Environment?
Continuity Central, April 23rd, 2021
Traditionally, unexpected bad or disastrous events for businesses could easily be summarised as physical 'fire, flood, or theft'. Today, businesses are more likely to suffer a digital disaster than a physical one, such as the sudden and catastrophic loss of access to critical information at the hands of a ransomware attack, severe data breach, or service provider failure
IT - Networks
The 7 Best Wi-Fi 6 Routers
reviewgeek, April 23rd, 2021
If you've ever experienced slow Internet speeds, lag while playing video games, or dead spots in your home, the issue could be your router
What IT Leaders Are Prioritizing In Network Security Investments?
HelpNet Security, April 23rd, 2021
Distinct priorities have emerged when it comes to responding to the needs of IT security's rapid transformation, a Pulse Media research has found
Wi-Fi 6 vs. Wi-Fi 6E: Spectrum, Not Hype, Is Key Difference
SearchNetworking, April 23rd, 2021
The extended spectrum of Wi-Fi 6E sounds promising. But, when assessing Wi-Fi 6 vs. Wi-Fi 6E, organizations should pay close attention to radio frequency characteristics
IT - IoT
5 Fundamental But Effective IoT Device Security Controls
threatpost, April 23rd, 2021
Matt Dunn, the associate managing director for cyber-risk at Kroll, discusses how to keep networks safe from insecure IoT devices
IT - Careers
Hired, Quit 2 Days Later. Would You Rehire?
Ask The Headhunter, April 19th, 2021
A new hire in my department resigned after two days at work. He took a counter-offer at his previous company where he had been 22 years. I know you advise against accepting counter-offers because it 'marks' you as a wayward employee that will likely be replaced soon
Anatomy Of A Killer IT Internship Program
CIO, April 21st, 2021
With demand for tech talent on the rise, a robust IT internship program is key to ensuring the organization builds a reliable talent pipeline for the future, say IT leaders
The Complete Job Interview Preparation Guide: 10 Tips To Get You Hired
Business 2 Community, April 22nd, 2021
Preparing for a job interview is critical to making a good first impression, calming your nerves and coming across as a viable candidate for the role
The Skills Gap Is Shifting: Prepare To Upskill
CIODIVE, April 21st, 2021
Four in 10 companies hired IT or other technical staff during the pandemic, and two-thirds expect to hire more IT or tech roles in 2021, according to CompTIA's Workforce and Learning Trends 2021 report released Tuesday
IT - Virtualization
Container Security Fact vs. Fiction
Container Journal, April 22nd, 2021
One strange consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic is that, since almost all tech conferences in the world have moved online, it's been easier than ever to attend
IT - Compliance
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Business 2 Community, April 19th, 2021
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed in the European Union (EU) in 2016 and requires all businesses to protect an updated definition of personal and private data of EU citizens for transactions occurring within EU member states. The directive establishes data privacy rules that provide transparency and expanded privacy rights for EU citizens.
IT - Email
A Decade Of Email Security, April 21st, 2021
MFA and encryption are becoming a top priority
IT - Backup
Backup Lessons From A Cloud-Storage Disaster
Networkworld, April 23rd, 2021
Organizations that failed to make sure their cloud data was backed up properly learned the consequences the hard way when an OVHcloud data center burned last month
IT - Big Data
Big Data Becomes Pivotal To The Construction Industry
SmartDataCollective, April 22nd, 2021
The construction industry has started to discover the wonderous benefits of big data
Top Data Modeling Tools
Datamation, April 23rd, 2021
Data modeling is the process of applying structures and methodologies to the data in order to convert it in a useful form for analysis and gaining insight. By preparing a model of the data involved in an information system, you optimize the database design and gain understanding of the data flow within the information system
Use Of Big Data In Marketing Intelligence
AiTHORITY, April 21st, 2021
The growth of a company in today's world depends a lot on positive marketing and brand creation
IT - Tape
Tape Remains A Critical Part Of Enterprise Storage
CIO Insight, April 20th, 2021
For the sake of IT infrastructure costs, and the sake of the planet, the rising torrent of data needs the lower-cost, lower energy benefits of tape storage.
Tintri News
Tintri Demo Wednesdays - Weekly @ 10:00 AM Pacific / 1:00 PM Eastern
Tintri News, April 28th 2021
Thousands of companies have saved millions of management hours using Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure
Tintri VMstore Drives Capacity And CapEx Savings Of Up To 4100% Across Enterprise Data Centers
Tintri News, April 19th, 2021
Thousands of Customers Gain Massive ROI Benefits By Replacing Costly, Cumbersome Racks of Storage With Highly-Efficient 2RU Systems
Cisco News
Cisco Commits $100 Million To Help Address Climate Crisis
Cisco News, April 21st, 2021
Grants and Investments from the Cisco Foundation Will Fund Climate Projects and Technologies to Power a Sustainable and Inclusive Recovery
HP News
HP Inc. Announces Ambitious Climate Action Goals
HP News, April 20th, 2021
Outlines broad plans to combat climate change focused on carbon emissions, circularity and forests. Introduces climate partnerships to extend impact ranging from ocean conservation to forest restoration
HP Makes It Easier For IT Teams To Roll Out New Employee Devices
HP News, April 22nd, 2021
As the workforce is expected to continue to operate in a hybrid model for some time to come, IT teams are being challenged to find long-term solutions to set up and support devices in employees' homes as well as in the office
AWS News
Amazon Becomes Europe's Largest Corporate Buyer Of Renewable Energy
AWS News, April 19th, 2021
Amazon is now the largest corporate buyer of renewable energy globally and in Europe with 206 projects around the world, enough to power millions of homes a year
Dish And AWS Form Strategic Collaboration To Reinvent 5G Connectivity And Innovation
AWS News, April 21st, 2021
In a telecom industry first, DISH will leverage AWS infrastructure and services to build a cloud-based, 5G Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) that delivers consistent, cost-effective performance from core to the edge
Oracle News
Ngern Tidlor (TIDLOR) Selects Oracle Cloud ERP To Upgrade Its Digital Capability
Oracle News, April 19th, 2021
With Oracle Cloud ERP, TIDLOR is able to streamline its internal processes to increase productivity and upgrade to an up-to-date platform with flexibility to meet ongoing compliance and regulatory requirements
Oracle's Industry-Leading Goldengate Now Available As An Elastic Pay-As-You-Go Cloud Service
Oracle News, April 21st, 2021
Service is the first from a major cloud provider to deliver data integration for both operational databases and analytic data stores as a single event-based data fabric
Sustainability At Oracle - A Conversation With Jon Chorley
Oracle News, April 22nd, 2021
At Oracle, sustainability isn't a slogan. It's a concerted, constant, company-wide effort to do all we can to protect natural resources, minimize adverse environmental impacts, and lead the way toward a more sustainable future
Sustainability Innovations Power Forward On A Planetary Scale
Oracle News, April 22nd, 2021
We're all familiar with the business adage that sometimes 'less is more,' but is more ever less?
Dell News
Dell Technologies Turns Up The Power On Dell EMC Powerstore With Greater Performance And Automation
Dell News, April 20th, 2021
New Dell EMC PowerStore software improves workload performance by up to 25%
Driving Innovations In Genome Sequencing
Dell News, April 20th, 2021
Learn how Wellcome Sanger Institute leveraged Dell EMC PowerScale to gain intelligent insights into their infrastructure and data
Getting To Net Zero: IT Takes An Entire Company
Dell News, April 20th, 2021
Achieving net zero emissions by 2050 will be a huge challenge, but with measurable actions and talented, innovative people working towards this goal, we will get there
Keeping Culture And Innovation Alive In Our Hometown
Dell News, April 22nd, 2021
As Austin grows and continues to be a top destination to live and work, we are proud to be the premier founding partner of the Moody Center, helping to preserve and grow innovation, music, entertainment, and culture in the area for years to come
See What's Possible At Dell Technologies World
Dell News, April 20th, 2021
There's a lot of content packed into this two-day virtual experience - and it's all free!
Lenovo News
Earth Day 2021: Lenovo Reflects On Global Environmental Sustainability Goals And Progress
Lenovo News, April 21st, 2021
This year, Lenovo is celebrating Earth Day by reflecting on its continued progress toward delivering on its environmental sustainability commitments and the goals it has set for the future
Lenovo Introduces As-A-Service Solution For Hosted Desktops With Nutanix
Lenovo News, April 20th, 2021
Lenovo TruScale for Hosted Desktops with Nutanix provides the simplicity and flexibility of the cloud with infrastructure on-premises for the evolving hybrid workforce
Nutanix News
Giving Back In The Midst Of COVID-19
Nutanix News, April 19th, 2021
COVID-19 has changed many things. And many that volunteered regularly are now finding these opportunities few and far between. We've all been impacted by COVID, some more than others, and today, we'd like to share the bias for action of one employee of many who is helping to fight COVID-19
Meeting The Needs Of Your Remote Workforce With Ease
Nutanix News, April 20th, 2021
Lenovo and Nutanix Deliver a Complete Hosted Desktop Environment for One Monthly Charge
Spring Forward: Time To Refresh And Renew Your Database Strategy.
Nutanix News, April 22nd, 2021
As we celebrate Earth Day and Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, our thoughts turn to our garden. Perhaps it's time to prune and weed, to refresh and renew and make some changes to the landscape. Change can be hard, but with the right tools, it can bring rewards
Microsoft News
Building A More Sustainable World Together
Microsoft News, April 21st, 2021
Each year on April 22, Earth Day is observed around the world by people, governments and organizations that acknowledge how important protecting the planet is and commit to creating a more sustainable future
Microsoft: We're On Pace To Build 50 To 100 New Datacenters Each Year
ZDNet, April 20th, 2021
Microsoft is expecting to add cloud datacenters in at least 10 more countries this year. It's launching a new virtual datacenter tour to show off how a 'typical' Microsoft datacenter works.
IBM News
IBM Launches New Watson Capabilities To Help Businesses Build Trustworthy AI
IBM News, April 21st, 2021
Updates to IBM Watson Studio, IBM OpenPages with Watson and IBM Planning Analytics with Watson designed to help address key barriers to trust in data and AI models
IBM Reports 2021 First-Quarter Results
IBM News, April 21st, 2021
Growing Hybrid Cloud Platform Adoption; Return to Revenue Growth; Strong Cash Flow
IBM Study: COVID-19 Pandemic Impacted 9 In 10 Surveyed Consumers' Views On Sustainability
IBM News, April 22nd, 2021
Global research reveals majority of consumers are willing to pay to support a sustainable future
IPwe And IBM Seek To Transform Corporate Patents With Next Generation NFTs Using IBM Blockchain
IBM News, April 20th, 2021
An ecosystem to tokenize patents can allow intellectual property to be treated as business assets, making patents easier to license, sell and commercialize
Parle Products, World's Largest Selling Biscuit Brand, Teams With IBM To Drive Growth Through Hybrid Cloud
IBM News, April 22nd, 2021
Parle to migrate SAP workloads to IBM Cloud to gain flexibility and scale to help meet increasing consumer needs
Fortinet News
Fortinet NSE Training Institute Wins Four Industry Awards
Fortinet News, April 22nd, 2021
The NSE Training Institute was recently recognized with four new industry awards that highlight Fortinet's commitment to cybersecurity training and certification
Fortinet Reduces Cyber Skills Gap With Training Advancement Agenda (TAA)
Fortinet News, April 22nd, 2021
An Initiative of the Fortinet NSE Training Institute, TAA Aims to Make Cyber Training and Career Opportunities Accessible to Everyone
MITRE Engenuity Evaluation Results Showcase Fortinet Fortiedr'S Prevention And Detection Capabilities
Fortinet News, April 20th, 2021
Today, MITRE Engenuity published their latest round of ATT&CK Evaluation results.
Protecting Against Evolving Ransomware Attack Trends
Fortinet News, April 21st, 2021
Ransomware attack trends continue to evolve, and the current iterations are no exception
Red Hat News
Why Red Hat's Universal Base Image Is Crucial For A Standard Operating Environment
Red Hat News, April 20th, 2021
This post discusses the merits of standardizing on container base images, and is an excerpt from the new ebook on Red Hat Universal Base Images
Automating Ingest Data Processing With Data Pipelines
Red Hat News, April 22nd, 2021
With the amount of data today growing ever faster-from sources ranging from device edge to offsite facilities and public and private clouds-organizations must somehow keep pace with that growth as they complete their digital-transformation journeys
Friday Five - April 23, 2021
Red Hat News, April 23rd, 2021
The Friday Five is a weekly Red Hat blog post with 5 of the week's top news items and ideas from or about Red Hat and the technology industry. Consider it your weekly digest of things that caught our eye.
Optimize Your RHEL Infrastructure: 5 Performance Areas To Focus On
Red Hat News, April 21st, 2021
Would you rather wait for something to become a problem, or do some performance tweaking and optimization to avoid downtime or performance headaches altogether?
Citrix News
A Sustainable Future With Citrix Workspace Cloud Services
Citrix News, April 21st, 2021
On Earth Day and the weeks surrounding it, more than 1 billion people worldwide join forces to raise awareness about climate change and global warming
How Flexible Work Supports Sustainability Initiatives
Citrix News, April 22nd, 2021
Citrix technology helps organizations around the world provide employees the flexibility they need to work anywhere, on any device, while reducing energy consumption and supporting sustainability initiatives
The Role Of Citrix's Secure Access Solutions In IT Security Reskilling
Citrix News, April 21st, 2021
We've all heard the alarm bells ringing - organizations around the globe are suffering from a cybersecurity talent gap
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