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5G networks are now nearing a critical mass of global commercial network deployments and subscribers, suggesting a rapid upward curve of technology adoption over the next few years, according to 5G Americas

"According to data provided by Omdia, the world added 385.5 million 5G subscribers between Q4 2019 and Q4 2020 to reach 401 million 5G connections globally, shrugging off the challenges of a global pandemic and economic headwinds.

5G connections growing steadily in 2021

As of December 2020, the fifth generation of wireless (5G) powered ahead at three times the adoption rate of subscriber growth as 4G LTE, which required a full five years to reach the same level of subscriber acceptance, which represents a 2500 percent increase in subscribers over last year. The number of 5G connections is expected to reach 619 million globally by the end of 2021..."

Top 9 SD-WAN Benefits For Businesses
SearchNetworking, March 31st, 2021
Make the case for an SD-WAN implementation, and explore the benefits and main use cases for SD-WAN in enterprises, beyond traditional hybrid WANs

"Software-defined WAN uses software- and cloud-based technologies to simplify the delivery of WAN services to the branch office. SD-WAN creates a virtual overlay to abstract the underlying network connections, and this overlay helps simplify network operations.

SD-WAN adoption enables IT and business managers to deploy internet-based connectivity easily, quickly, reliably and securely. Resulting advantages include ubiquity, increased bandwidth, reduced costs and improved application performance.

Below are some of the top SD-WAN benefits for enterprises..."

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