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Its creator, CloudLinux, built the distribution at warp speed, racing to fill the void left by Red Hat's EOL announcement for CentOS

"AlmaLinux, designed as a drop-in replacement for CentOS 8, is headed for data centers.

The company behind the new Linux distro, CloudLinux, announced general availability of the first stable release of AlmaLinux OS in a virtual event Tuesday. It was conceived just this past December, immediately after Red Hat's announcement that it was killing CentOS, the popular free downstream alternative to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and moving the project upstream, under the name CentOS Stream..."

How To Encrypt Files On Linux
LinuxSecurity, March 28th, 2021
In our increasingly digital society, protecting the privacy of sensitive data and our behavior online is a universal concern. Many users switch to Linux for its superior privacy features and the excellent selection of privacy-focused distros that it offers

"Regardless of the OS you are using, encryption is a critical element of digital privacy. In this article, we explore the best and most reliable methods of file encryption on Linux. Our experts have firsthand experience using these programs and understand the technology behind them, equipping us with the knowledge to help you securely encrypt files on your Linux system and avoid common pitfalls associated with Linux file encryption.

What Is Encryption?

Encryption is the process of encoding data in such a way that only authorized parties will be able to read it. Encrypted data can only be decoded by a decryption key. Public-key cryptography, which uses pairs of public keys that may be known by others and private keys that may never be known by anyone except for the owner, is the basis for all encryption today..."

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