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Using an IoT stack can help your Internet of Things hardware work together smoothly. But there are things to consider before adoption

"Choosing the right Internet of Things stack can be an effective way to implement IoT in an organization if the stack can not only integrate IoT communications and data flows, but also enact uniform security policies for the entire stack.

IoT solution providers know this: They understand that companies are struggling with IoT integration. If you can provide an end-to-end IoT solution consisting of hardware, software and a set of development tools that IT can use at each level of the stack, you can come a long way in offering IT ease of IoT integration..."

95% of security professionals admitted to being concerned about the mounting risks associated with these connected devices

"In an already volatile environment, organisations are constantly being warned of the growing threat posed by the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices as both converge to bring increased productivity and communications. Yet, this strive for better connectivity is presenting significant risks which are causing sleepless nights for security professionals.

A new report which examined the opinions of security professionals towards IoT, and IIoT devices has found connected devices are raising the stakes for industrial security. The IoT and IoT Security Survey by Tripwire, evaluated the opinions of 312 security professionals that manage the security of IoT and IIoT devices and found 99% have reported challenges with the security of IoT and IIoT devices, while 95% admitted to being concerned about the mounting risks associated with these connected devices..."

Organizations are increasingly introducing new Internet of Things (IoT) devices into their environments

"According to Statista, the aggregate number of IoT devices deployed by organizations globally increased from 7.74 billion in 2019 to around 8.74 billion a year later. The market and consumer data firm reported that the next few years will see growth in all types of IoT devices, including Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offerings like smart monitors. It wrote that connected devices are expected to grow from 10.07 billion in 2021 to 25.44 billion by 2030.

This growth raises an important question: how are security professionals feeling about this projected influx of IoT and IIoT devices? Do they feel confident in their ability to secure these additional products? What approaches are they using to fuel their security efforts?..."

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