How To Hire The Right People: 4 Tips To Improve Recruitment
Business 2 Community, March 30th, 2021
People often think of marketing as advertising. Period. Well, that's not even half true.

"In fact, marketing is a whole lot more than just advertising. Marketing involves the four Ps: product, price, promotion, and place (distribution). Newer concepts of marketing include people as a 5th P or even a 7th P, as shown in the image below. Thus, you must hire the right people for your business is important for achieving high levels of customer satisfaction, which translates into success.

We've all encountered less than satisfying interactions with a physical business or online customer service. Maybe the employee didn't know the answers to your questions or, worse, gave you the wrong answer..."

How To Maximize The Number Of Candidates You Receive
Business 2 Community, April 2nd, 2021
Recent reports from SHRM mentioned that there is only an average of 12% job application-to-interview ratio. That is quite surprising considering that 20% to 30% is what can be considered as a good number!

"12% is very low and might not even bring you the perfect candidate that you're looking for, which is exactly why it's crucial to get as many candidates as possible.

Here's how.

Steps to Getting More Candidates

1. Create a branded career page

Having a career page is undoubtedly important. It can drive organic web traffic, increase employer branding, and provide better analytics if done successfully..."

IT Pros Share Their Ideas For Staff Wellbeing
Data Center Knowledge, April 2nd, 2021
IT pros have had an extraordinary year with unprecedented work demands. How have they held up? Here, IT pros share their ideas for staff wellbeing and avoiding burnout

"After a year of a pandemic induced work from home situation, the numbers in surveys across the industry are showing that employee burnout in these circumstances is real and must be addressed.

Recently, Microsoft's 2021 Work Trend Index report found that productivity has remained very high throughout the pandemic - but it came at a cost with 20% of respondents saying their employer does not care about their work-life balance. In addition, 54% feel overworked and 39% are feeling exhausted..."

The Future Of Work: Virtual Hiring And Networking
Business 2 Community, April 1st, 2021
If you want to get ready for the future of work, you should be aware that what lies ahead is mostly virtual, flexible, and tech-driven

"Even though the pandemic aftermaths are disrupting, they have shown us which direction we want to take regarding workplaces.

Social distancing forced us to shift to remote work but, it turns out, people love spending less time commuting, being more with the family, and not spending up to nine hours in a cubicle. Moreover, the statistics show employees feel 95 percent more productive working from home, and 53 percent of U.S. workers would like to continue teleworking.

There are also benefits for the companies: U.S. employers can save $30 billion a day if they allow telework. It is no surprise that two-thirds of knowledge workers think that offices disappear by 2030.

Remote work is becoming the norm, and so is virtual hiring. It is why you have to improve your recruiting strategy, HR technology, and networking. Here's how to do it..."

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