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Best Email Client 2021
ITProPortal, March 30th, 2021
Access your conversations straight from your desktop

"An email client? But why would you need one? As more and more businesses seem to be migrating to the cloud, you might wonder whether setting up a software application to receive emails on your desktop is even worth it. Well, to many people, it may not be. However, as any security-conscious business owner might tell you, web-based and cloud-based email services are not the safest way to communicate.

With cloud-based email services like Gmail, your sensitive data rests on the email provider's servers and is open to being scanned for marketing purposes. In fact, Google made it clear as early as 2014 that it scans your emails for tailored advertising. While this kind of thing is usually handled through AI, it still means that there is a watchful eye keeping track of your communications. That's where email clients come in, with many provided by the best email providers..."

Best Email Client For Android 2021
ITProPortal, March 30th, 2021
Powerful email clients for your mobile device

"Social media sites and messaging apps go in and out of fashion, but email soldiers on, continuing to be an important protocol in personal and business settings. And with a mobile device in your hand, you can check your email wherever you go, making an email app on your phone a virtual necessity in the modern age.

Apps used for accessing your email are known as email clients. Some email clients, such as Google's Gmail, extend the use of web-based email services that you normally access through your internet browser. Other email clients follow the traditional client-server model, where you download all emails to your device from a central email server..."

Best Email Client For Linux 2021
ITProPortal, March 30th, 2021
From command-line email to slick, modern GUI clients

"While web-based email has become the norm and can be accessed from any web browser, many users prefer a native email client. On Windows, you have applications like Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird. On Android or iOS, there are clients like Nine and K-9 Mail. But what about Linux?

Hundreds of native email clients for Linux have come and gone, and only a few offer comparable features to Windows native clients. But one of the great things about Linux is that most applications are available for free, forever, so you can try them all out to find the best email client for Linux for your needs..."

Best Email Client On Windows 2021
ITProPortal, March 30th, 2021
Discover the best email clients for your Windows device

"Although the digital world is changing rapidly, email remains one of the primary communication methods for businesses across the planet. Email apps are available for virtually any operating system, and many programs also have versatile web interfaces.

But selecting the best email provider for your business can be very difficult, especially if you don't have experience or comprehensive knowledge in the field. Every single program comes with its own feature list and target audience, and in many cases, there are various subscription tiers and options available...."

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