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Evolution Of Backup Technologies In Data-Centric Era
StorageNewsletter, March 30th, 2021
Every year World Backup Day reminds us that our data is at risk of loss, theft and human error every day

"For a long time backup has been the first line of defence when it comes to data protection, and while it has since been joined by additional technologies in the quest for successful BC, it continues to be a critical tool in the IT administrator's arsenal. Organisations, from businesses, to charities, to governments, to educational establishments and many other, continue to create data at unprecedented levels and this can be challenging to manage and unnecessarily expensive to protect..."

If you are a database administrator (DBA) or are responsible for maintaining, backing up, and restoring databases, you know you can't afford to lose data

"The reason is simple: losing data not only means the loss of important information, but also may damage your business financially.

For that reason, you must always make sure that:

  • your databases are backed up on a periodic basis,
  • those backups are stored in a safe place, and
  • you perform restoration drills regularly.

This last activity should not be overlooked, as you don't want to run into a major issue without having practiced what needs to be done in such situation..."

The Importance Of Website Backups
Security Boulevard, March 31st, 2021
March 31st is World Backup Day. This date was created to remind people of the importance of having backups set up for everything that matters. I am pretty sure your website falls into the category of precious digital assets

"Imagine waking up in the morning to see that a couple of calls were missed and your email is overloaded with messages saying that your website is down. You go to your computer to check your server and it's working fine - but oh no, all your files are deleted from the database. What would you do?

Backing up everything may seem a boring task, however, website backups can be a life saver.

Website backups represent your safety net. They are the critical piece of security necessary if all other resources fail.

Backups & spare tires

Every car has a spare tire even though it usually is something you never use and forget about. Spare tires tend to be hidden in some obscure cavity of your trunk or strapped to the underbelly of your vehicle. Nevertheless, having a spare tire allows you to drive without fear, knowing that when you do have a flat tire, you also have a safety net..."

World Backup Day 2021
StorageNewsletter, April 2nd, 2021
Annual rendez-vous to trigger correct backup behaviors

"Started 10 years ago and always March 31, the World Backup Day continues to exist to raise awareness, essentially consumers up to experts, that data protection is an essential mission for everyone. As of today, again 30% of IT users don't do any backup, 30% of people live on the edge, probably ignore risk or believe in extra forces to protect them. We continue to see projects without any budget for data protection as developers or admin believe in other mechanisms..."

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