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Designing Products With Purpos
Dell News, March 30th, 2021
Learn more about our commitment to sustainability through the entire lifecycle of our products

"Sustainability is a journey, and if we are being honest, it isn't an easy one. Whether you're trying to remember to separate your recyclables from your trash or designing the most innovative technology, sustainability requires commitment and diligence.

Here at Dell Technologies, we have gone all-in on our commitment to sustainability. Just take a look at our bold 2030 goals. In line with our Progress Made Real social impact plan, our designers and engineers focused on supporting our moonshot goal that by the year 2030, for every product sold, we will recycle or reuse an equivalent product and 100% of our packaging and half of our product portfolio will be made from recycled or renewable materials..."

VxBlock support for VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu helps customers quickly pivot to hybrid cloud backed by high-performance external array-based storage

"VxBlock converged infrastructure customers are always telling me (and many of my peers) how much they trust and rely on it for their mission-critical, on-premises private cloud.

With our help, these CI customers are also staying ready for what's next. The extensible architecture of VxBlock makes it easy to switch out existing technologies or to introduce new ones to meet changing business and workload demands. That includes the entire VxBlock technology stack, from compute, networking and storage up through VMware cloud operations..."

Sonic's Next Home: The SmartNIC
Dell News, April 2nd, 2021
Why the open source SONiC OS -- based on containers -- is a natural fit for SmartNICs

"It's an exciting time to be a part of today's networking evolution. All the pieces are finally falling into place to help us truly realize a software-defined network. SONiC is an open-source, containerized network operating system (NOS) that runs on a variety of ASICs and switch hardware. SONiC is quickly gaining traction in cloud, Telco, and enterprise deployments. A 2021 Gartner report predicts 40% of organizations running large data center networks will use SONiC in production..."

The PowerEdge XE7100 server has been analyzed to provide context as to where the device sits in terms scalability, efficiency and flexibility

"Nothing seems to grow faster than the need for storage. With IoT, image, and video objects feeding 'big data' analytics systems, that growth curve can be steep as new systems are placed online. Dell Technologies has engineered its latest storage server with a focus on high-density, high-capacity storage customers.

Recently, Dell Technologies commissioned Tolly to study the specifications and characteristics of its Dell EMC PowerEdge XE7100 and provide analysis and context as to where the device sits in terms of advancing the industry..."

Dell Technologies is excited to be part of the launch of VMware Cloud Universal to deliver an integrated and consistent cloud experience for our customers.

"The data decade is here, and it's rapidly accelerating the pace of digital transformation. Increasingly, businesses need technology solutions that enable them to simply and cost-effectively manage, process and gain insights from data, wherever it lives.

Application architectures and the processes to develop, deliver and maintain them are changing. At the same time more data is being generated in locations everywhere; demanding that processing be pushed to the edge. These fundamental shifts are presenting tremendous challenges as organizations attempt to transform their Information Technology foundation. Those who can harness the power of Modern Applications across public, private and edge deployment options are dramatically increasing innovation and efficiency. Dell Technologies and VMware have a pragmatic approach that can help organizations evolve their existing infrastructure and processes so they can be ready for what's next..."

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