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As companies began to shift their workers to work from home at scale, we published an article in Harvard Business Review that shared our research on the motivation levels of remote workers

"The short story was that our research shows that as people are forced to work remotely, their motivation levels will drop considerably. Lower motivation will ultimately lead to burnout. As you can see from the chart below, some of the drop in motivation came from working from home, but the vast majority of the drop came from the lack of agency - feeling like you had no choice in the matter.

Unfortunately, this prediction has played itself out, leaving companies around the world scrambling on what to do to improve motivation. One large tech company calls it their war against burnout and attrition..."

Based on my conversations with enterprise IT teams, there seem to be a few high priority items that consistently feature on every IT team's 2021 to-do list

"At Citrix, we are helping our customers meet these objectives with our new cloud-delivered security solution. This solution, when used with Citrix services for zero trust access and SD-WAN, allows enterprises to benefit from powerful integrations that make up truly unique Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture. We want to ensure that Citrix partners are aware of and are supporting customers with these new tools..."

Every year we put out a call for nominations for the Citrix Innovation Award for Customers, and every year, we are amazed at the ways our customers are putting Citrix technology to work and delivering innovation that is helping to define the future of work

"The nominations included exceptional stories of visionary organizations all over the world driving bold and innovative solutions for the IT industry's most complex challenges, fueling business growth, forging strong connections between our customers and the people who rely on them and helping organizations find better ways to work.

We all faced significant challenges in 2020, and it was a year none of us are likely to forget. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we were not able to recognize our customer finalists at Citrix Synergy. Last year, perhaps more than ever before, our customers found ways to drive innovation, deliver business value for their own customers, and power a better way to work with Citrix solutions. That's why we've decided to recognize all three of our 2020 finalists as winners of our Citrix Innovation Award for Customers..."

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