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Visibility beyond the corporate network is increasingly critical as technology teams accelerate the adoption of SaaS, internet and cloud solutions for hybrid work strategies

Cisco announced new software-delivered solutions offering technology teams greater visibility of what is happening anywhere across their networks, at any time. By integrating ThousandEyes internet and cloud intelligence with AppDynamics and Cisco's most widely deployed switching family, customers can have ubiquitous visibility and the ability to fix critical issues across their digital applications and services.

As more organizations adopt SaaS and cloud-based services to enable business agility, they become reliant on networks and services that sit outside their control, such as the public internet. Although they do not directly control these domains, they are still responsible for service delivery outcomes. To solve this challenge, ThousandEyes delivers actionable insights into external networks and services so organizations can ensure seamless digital experiences for their customers and employees...

Cisco continues to lead on creating the 'Internet for the Future' for the 5G era across silicon, routing and optical, network automation and more

Cisco announced its strategy to help communication service providers and web scale companies around the world connect, secure and automate their networks to deliver a stronger, more accessible internet to everyone, everywhere, regardless of geographic limitations.

Living in the pandemic, people, businesses, governments and communities have come to rely on the power of connections to keep the world running. The internet went from being a must-have, to a critical lifeline for most everyone to connect to information, and each other. Video conferencing skyrocketed as people were forced to work from home and into online learning. Together with remote healthcare services, streaming video, gaming and more, internet traffic spiked by 25-45 percent in many regions across the globe[1].

Starting this summer: Select Webex customers will have access to insights that increase and promote personal well-being, build better quality

To help people work smarter, combat burnout and drive more inclusive work experiences, today Cisco Webex announced advancements to the People Insights feature. Available through the all new Webex, and accessible through a personalized and private view, People Insights aligns with the goals you personally set for your meetings, work-life integration, connections, and focus time. Designed with a people-first mindset, the insights are available from three points of view: Personal, Team and Organizational. All are underpinned with privacy and security to ensure this information is only available to you.

Cisco announcing plans to lead the industry with new Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solutions to deliver simpler IT and flexible procurement for customers looking for greater speed, agility and scale

"To help customers connect, secure and automate to accelerate their digital agility in a cloud-first world, Cisco today announced Cisco Plus, the company's unique as-a-service strategy, bringing new flexible buying and consumption models to customers.

Introducing Cisco Plus: It's Cisco, Plus So Much More

To meet its customers' needs, Cisco is transforming its go-to-market strategy for hardware, software, and services. New buying and operations experiences from Cisco Plus provide simpler consumption and use of the Cisco portfolio. Cisco Plus will offer best-in-class networking, security, compute, storage, applications and observability solutions as-a-service with unified subscriptions that are easy to consume, simple to use and deliver an unparalleled experience..."

Cisco introduces infrastructure agnostic, passwordless authentication by Duo, enabling users to skip the password and securely log into cloud applications via security keys or platform biometrics

Cisco Secure, the leader in enterprise security, today unveiled the future of simple and effective security with infrastructure agnostic, passwordless authentication by Duo. Integrated seamlessly into the existing Duo authentication experience used by more than 25,000 organizations globally, Duo passwordless authentication will enable enterprise users to skip the password and securely log into cloud applications via security keys or biometrics built into modern laptops and smartphones.

The consequences of using passwords are well known. Passwords are easily compromised and difficult to manage, costing enterprises billions of dollars annually. Users are inundated with passwords in their personal and professional lives. Password reset requests comprise a lion's share of IT help desk tickets, resulting in lost productivity for users and increased support costs for the business...

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