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Future-Proofing Security Operations Centers
RSA News, February 15th, 2021
Security operations centers (SOCs) tend to be forward-looking out of necessity: there's always going to be new attacks, vulnerabilities or complications resulting from the use of new technologies

"But as organizations make remote work a permanent part of their operations, many SOC teams will need to make adjustments that are on a whole new order than the adaptions that they're used to. Those adjustments will include rethinking some pretty basic fundamentals, including where the SOC should be, what tools it should prioritize, and emerging challenges it should start to prepare for now.

Here are some immediate recommendations for what SOCs should do to adjust and some longer-term ideas for how to future-proof SOCs for the long-term:..."

From video games to healthcare to auto parts distributors to municipal governments, ransomware attacks are a major security issue for nearly every type of organization.

"The attacks - which encrypt, block access to, or leak IP and other company information until a victim pays a fee - were already a challenge before the pandemic.

But as more people and businesses spend more of our time online than ever before, the impact of ransomware attacks is growing worse with the pandemic. Different outlets have reported that the total number of ransomware attacks is increasing, ransomware attacks are becoming more targeted, ransomware payouts are becoming steeper, or some combination of all three..."

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