6 Reasons You Should Invest In HR Technology
Business 2 Community, February 16th, 2021
Imagine you are buying the latest smartphone. Would you buy it without first putting some thought into how you plan to use it? Probably not, right?

"The more chances are, you will likely crosscheck the pros and cons of different brands, quality, etc. And at last, you will compare the price and determine the best fits in your pocket.

The same goes when you are finding the right HR technology for your business. Investing in technology has always been something worth investing in for business. It is a way to boost productivity and allows automation in daily tasks.

6 game-changing benefits of using HR technology for your business:..."

6 Ways To Empower Employees In 2021
Business 2 Community, February 16th, 2021
At a high level, employee empowerment means giving employees a degree of autonomy and control over their daily tasks

"This allows the organization to move some decision-making authority from management to individuals and teams. In practice, this includes:

  • Allowing employees to make decisions with less oversight from management.
  • Allowing employees to implement improvements or changes to business processes.
  • Gathering feedback from employees and incorporating their voices into major decisions.
  • Giving employees the resources, data and support they need to feel confident and mentally equipped to do these things.

Empowerment is good for employees, and good for business. Employees are more productive and less likely to change jobs if they feel empowered. Multiple academic studies have found that empowerment has a 'significant positive effect' on employee productivity and that it is 'negatively associated with employee strain and turnover intentions'..."

HR's role as a strategic adviser to organizational leaders is the profession's No. 1 priority this year, according to the 2021 CHRO Agenda, a report by consulting firm The Hackett Group

"The pandemic-driven push to digital forms of work necessitates a strategic approach, the firm said. Remote work and social distancing present "unprecedented obstacles" to workplace culture, including the absence of "artifacts and rituals that reinforce culture." In addition to finding ways to connect employees, HR will need to align talent management functions - such as programs and policies promoting wellness and productivity - with business strategies...

Dive Insight:

Drastic changes in 2020 may have expedited much of the changes HR analysts had called for in recent years. Increasingly, reports suggest executives both within and outside of HR recognize the enhanced role the profession has played during the pandemic..."

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