With the workforce becoming more flexible, mobile-based ERP provides a wide variety of excellent opportunities, complex options, and flexibility

"Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) has traditionally been slow-moving business management system software, with little to no change to its underlying technology once it is installed and operational for the enterprise.

Recent trends, however, show that ERP is undergoing a deluge of changes that will require all companies to update or be left behind within just a few years. In an era of instant access to information, today's mobile workforce expects large-company software to have a mobile application..."

The sheer scale and complexity of most business operations have exploded in recent years. Companies of all sizes and industries are catering to increasingly unique and specific product and service requirements and uniquely configuring their offerings to address more exacting needs

"In return, they are confronted with managing potentially hundreds of thousands of product items, a wide-ranging menu of delivery options and interaction channels, and various definitions of 'convenience.'

This growing demand for personalization is just one example where data volumes have exploded. When coupled with the availability of external data and the value of sifting through that intelligence and finding patterns more precisely, this trend requires systems to do more than just historical reporting and scorekeeping. They must now monitor the pulse of the business and drive changes quickly and with more agility..."

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