FinOps: Public Cloud Spend Is Seeing Massive Adoption
TechRepublic, February 17th, 2021
February 17, 2021,
Volume 275, Issue 3

Expect big growth for cloud financial-management--FinOps--as the enterprise speeds its cloud expansion, while struggling to contain and optimize cloud spend, according to new research

"Depending if you're a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty person, you can lament or cheer the current state of cloud financial management, also known as FinOps: It's experiencing huge growth, but there's a lot to tackle ahead.

FinOps (cloud financial management) combines systems, best practices, and culture to increase a company's ability to understand its cloud costs and determine how the company can accommodate its cloud budget, while still making money choices on what's best for the company between speed, cost, and quality..."

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