Cloud Computing 'Sticker Shock' Is On The Rise, And Containing It May Be A New Career Path
ZDNet, February 15th, 2021
February 15, 2021,
Volume 275, Issue 3

With concern about cloud spending on the rise, more professionals begin to devote part of their jobs to containing it. 'The dirty little secret of cloud spend is that the bill never really goes down.'

"As cloud adoption rises, so does cloud "sticker shock." That tremendous savings seen from the switch to up-front CapEx investments in information technology to subscription mode soon gets soured as the rising monthly bills come in for services nobody knows where and when they are being used.

If you feel your organization is behind the curve with automating even the most routine parts of cloud, and cloud spending is an unseen disaster waiting to happen, don't feel so bad -- even the most informed financial experts are still trying to figure these things out..."

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