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With concern about cloud spending on the rise, more professionals begin to devote part of their jobs to containing it. 'The dirty little secret of cloud spend is that the bill never really goes down.'

"As cloud adoption rises, so does cloud "sticker shock." That tremendous savings seen from the switch to up-front CapEx investments in information technology to subscription mode soon gets soured as the rising monthly bills come in for services nobody knows where and when they are being used.

If you feel your organization is behind the curve with automating even the most routine parts of cloud, and cloud spending is an unseen disaster waiting to happen, don't feel so bad -- even the most informed financial experts are still trying to figure these things out..."

Cloud Computing Conferences In 2021 You Won't Want To Miss
SearchCloudComputing, February 16th, 2021
Cloud industry players are preparing to showcase the latest developments at digital and in-person events this year. Plan your next round of cloud conferences with this guide

"In 2020, countless technology conferences went digital due to the COVID-19 pandemic. That trend will partially carry over to this year, as many cloud vendors and analyst firms will host another round of virtual events. Meanwhile, other groups are tentatively planning to revert to in-person shows.

Regardless of the format, cloud computing conferences are an important resource for IT professionals. They use these events to stay informed on the latest cloud trends, network with peers, learn about new products and see real-world case studies of different cloud technologies in action. Conferences are also an opportunity to advance in training and certification..."

Cloud Misconfigurations Threaten Cloud Migration, February 19th, 2021
If we've learned one thing during the COVID-19 pandemic, it's that digital-native business models are essential to survival

"That means cloud adoption is more important than ever before. Research shows that the public cloud market is expected to grow to $308.5 billion in 2021, an increase of 16% from 2020.

But while the cloud holds incredible potential, we have an outstanding security issue to address. That issue is cloud misconfigurations. Through 2025, 99% of cloud security failures will be the responsibility of the customer, quantifying the need for security professionals to turn their attention to security hygiene issues like cloud misconfigurations..."

Expect big growth for cloud financial-management--FinOps--as the enterprise speeds its cloud expansion, while struggling to contain and optimize cloud spend, according to new research

"Depending if you're a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty person, you can lament or cheer the current state of cloud financial management, also known as FinOps: It's experiencing huge growth, but there's a lot to tackle ahead.

FinOps (cloud financial management) combines systems, best practices, and culture to increase a company's ability to understand its cloud costs and determine how the company can accommodate its cloud budget, while still making money choices on what's best for the company between speed, cost, and quality..."

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