Customers flocked to digital channels and faced life-changing events in 2020. Here's how enterprise companies are changing their CRM practices for a new normal

"In 2020 organizations faced an unexpected and profound change in customer behavior. More customers than ever were choosing to interact digitally with their banks, their grocery stores, their insurance companies, their doctors, and many other industries. To meet the higher consumer demand for digital interactions, businesses big and small leaned on technology.

Chatbots, enabled by natural language processing and other artificial intelligence technologies, are one of the major use cases for how industry used technology to respond to the change in customer behavior driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. But there are a number of other ways businesses are pivoting to anticipate changes in customer behavior..."

Top 10 Best Enterprise CRM Solutions For 2021
Sales Hacker, February 19th, 2021
As businesses grow, their software requirements grow as well

"An enterprise-level company deals with more complexity in its internal processes, has to manage more people and roles, and needs more data to make informed decisions. A simple CRM can't handle this level of complexity. At this point, a business needs to look for an enterprise solution that can support its growth.

As businesses grow and adapt, software shouldn't hold them back. In fact, they need to pick the right solution that simplifies processes and helps reps build relationships. It might sound like a simple task, but choosing an enterprise CRM solution is difficult. More often than not, companies end up with overly complicated systems that actually add more friction and complexity to the company..."

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